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Modular Workspace: Adaptable Home Office Designs Incorporate Iconic String Shelf

Many of us might have predicted already that here would come a day when most of the world would work from the comfort of their homes. It only seemed obvious with the way technology has evolved in the last two decades. But none would have predicted that the situation would be forced upon us as early as 2020 by a raging global pandemic. A smart and functional home office is no longer optional. It is a ‘must have’ with all of us having to find stop-gap solutions for one before settling on more permanent options. As Holidays roll in and work takes bit of a backseat, now is the time to create that perfect home office which will serve you well for years to come. And Workspace from String Furniture offers the perfect solution in this regard!

Iconic and smart string shelves are an essential part of the new workspace compositions

String Furniture is renowned in the world of modular décor for decades now with the iconic and evergreen String System of shelves that make every room far more efficient and aesthetic. Incorporating this system into an office setting along with a fabulous, custom sit-stand desk that is adaptable, the new Workspace designed by Bjorn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen is an absolute showstopper. Design process of the system involved much more than mere aesthetics with long term health of those working 9 hours or more each day at a desk being considered.

Multiple configurations of the smart desk allow you to use the string workspace for different tasks at home
New String workspace fits into the tiniest of spaces with ease
Oak table and finishes add warmth to this contemporary home office setting from String
Perfect ergonomics meet Scandinavian simplicity with the String workspace
Smart modular String shelving system for better organization of the workspace
String workspace desk can be used in several different rooms with ease
Adaptable and modular home workspace from String Furniture

The sit-stand desk with its adjustable design turns the same table into a dining table, a table for small meetings, a family gathering spot and even a homework area for kids in absolutely no time. Ingenious and bespoke shelving system, storage on wheels and filing cabinets that are a part of the composition complete the Workspace with ease. With limitless possibilities and space-savvy credentials, this nifty system promises to turn even the tiniest corner into a productive home office.

Bjorn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen deigned the workspace around iconic String shelf
Compact and flexible string home office compositions fit in pretty much anywhere
Create your own, custom home office solution with the new String workspace
Easy-to-use sit-stand desks coupled with string shelving system create fabulous office space compositions
Ingenious String Workspace in black and ash
Innovative workspace solutions from String make a difference with their adaptable and ergonomic designs

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