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Ocean, Mountains and Forest Canopy Comes Indoors at this Island House

A weekend retreat that is ready to serve you anytime of the year, a wonderful second home or even a permanent residence that takes you away from constant urban rush; the Bowen Island House designed Office of Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers can do it all and with sustainable style! This gorgeous home on the Bowen Island in BC, Canada is a modern cabin in the woods that is wrapped in cloak of green and black – the perfect cover that lets the home blend into the lush green forest all around it. Cantilevered above the rugged coastline, stretching into the canopy around it and offering majestic views of the ocean, distant mountains and the landscape beyond, this family escape has it all.

Mesmerizing views meet green design and contemporary comfort at the Bowen Island House

It is easy to miss this residence if you are not actually looking for it as the black stained cedar exterior along with the natural green roof provide perfect camouflage. Despite the private entry, the interior of the home with its expansive living area, dining space and kitchen on the top level completely opens up to the view outside. Large sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and skylights connect the living areas with the world outside. Bedrooms and utility areas are neatly hidden on the level below.

Black stained cedar allows the lovely retreat to blend into the forest-scape after sunset with ease
Entry of the Bowen Island House cleverly conceals the spacious interior that lies on the other side
Cantilevered upper level of the house and deck take you above the forest canopy and provide captivating views
Ingenious island home leaves as little carbon footprint as possible

Passive heating and cooling techniques, the gorgeous green roof and renewable energy ensure that the house can function entirely off-grid. With minimal carbon footprint and astounding views that bring the outdoors inside, this is a picture-perfect lover for everyone looking to reconnect with nature! [Photography: Ema Peter Photography]

Minimal contemporary living area of the house with an open plan design
Skylight brings additional natural light into the kitchen of the island home
Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the natural wooden deck

The succinct spatial sequence through the house orchestrates a path from the forest floor to floating above the rugged shore. Connecting the architecture and nature, windows offer intimate views differing distinctively from the expansive views of the ocean; minimal frames help dematerialize the building skin while maximizing views and daylight. The children’s bedrooms and kitchen enjoy framed views of the rocky cove to the west

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls open up the bedroom to the stunning ocean view and beyond
Gorgeous green roof of the island home gives it an impressive eco-friendly edge
Design plan of the Bowen Island House in Canada

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