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Spacious Wooden Home with Gabled roof in Wood, Concrete and Glass

It is the landscape around a home that often ends up giving it a sense of uniqueness and shapes its overall contours. This coupled with the choices of the homeowner in terms of design and vernacular architecture account for almost the entire final form of a modern residence. Surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills of the Swabian Alb in the gorgeous little town of Margrethausen in Germany, House R is a place where the lush green outdoors end up stealing the spotlight. This contemporary home designed by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten is both timeless and trendy at the same time with a gabled roof being combined with a stylish timber structure.

Series of lovely wooden decks extend the living area outside

Nestled on a sloping lot, the base of the house is in concrete with its partially cantilevered design adapting to the special needs of the site. Street façade of this home in timber, glass and concrete offers complete privacy while the rear section with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and large windows completely opens up towards the rolling hills. A custom studio space on the top level can function as a guest space or children’s bedroom when needed while the lower level living area with wooden decks on both sides ensures that the outdoors is always a part of the interior.

A modern, sophisticated kitchen in black, lovely dining space and smart bedrooms complete this chic German home where minimalism is elegantly intertwined with a classic look! [Photography: David Matthiessen]

Southern facade of the home is clad in glass to offer unabated views of the landscape outside
Beautiful rolling hills of the Swabian Alb steal the spotlight at this home
Black kitchen island and dining table add contrast to the open woodsy interior
Gabled A-frame of the house create a lovely private studio on the upper level
Gorgeous views of lush green landscape and distant hills from the wooden deck outside
Large windows and glass doors bring outdoors into this modern German home

In the middle of the south side, a free-standing exposed concrete table extends the deck, and to the west, a simple metal staircase leads into the garden. The wide overhanging gable roof shades and protects this outdoor living space and the small balcony in front of the gallery. Vertical wooden slats on the south side and in front of the large bathroom window in the east provide privacy and shading while preserving the transparency of the façade design.

Lovely modern bathroom in white and wood
Modern home in wood and concrete designed by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten in Germany
Modern minimal interior of the German home in wood with a polished black kitchen
Floor plan of modern House R in Germany

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