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27 Exceptional Kids’ Bedrooms Inspired by Outer Space

The universe is vast, infinite, fascinating, and inspirational. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many children are completely in awe of outer space and like to daydream about flying to the moon in a rocket or meeting aliens on a spaceship. If you have little ones who spend a lot of their time wondering about the galaxies, stars, and planets, these excellent space-themed kids’ bedrooms can serve as a big source of inspiration!

Outer Space Nurseries

It all starts when they’re just babies. Decorating that special room where your baby is going to spend their nights and nap times is a very important task! Welcome them into the world by building them a mesmerizing space nursery. You will find some great nursery ideas below!

Turn a wall into a sky full of constellations. Sometimes, they look like the stars are practically dancing with each other and with that, they immediately add an element to the room that will never stop looking new and interesting. Project Nursery’s constellation wall feels almighty!

To find inspiration, you have to look no further than our solar system. This lovely nursery we found at Life as Mama looks absolutely wonderful! What a great way to honor the fact that we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves!

A simple trick to creating a starry sky is to add some special lights to the ceiling and watch how the extraordinary effect lights up the nursery. Your baby will be sleeping under the stars every single night, thanks to this idea by Sticks On A Plane.

Lovely etc shows you another idea for including the universe theme in your baby’s nursery: a big inspirational wall with motivational words. You never know, your baby’s first words might just be dream big!

Space-themed nursery with a crescent moon cot flanked by wall decorations.

Don’t you love it when the furniture itself does most of the decorating? This moon crescent cot is incredibly special, and the rest of the décor in the nursery will merely be a cherry on top. What a special place for your baby to sleep in. Fall in love with this nursery even deeper at 1001 Pallets.

You can opt for a cartoonish-looking nursery that gives the impression of an adventurous space cartoon full of comets and aliens! We stumbled upon this at Mommy Kat and Kids and immediately loved its story-like energy!

Outer Space Children’s Rooms

As babies grow into toddlers, they start to put their own input into how their room is decorated. They are full of ideas! Listen to their wishes and suggestions; if any of them seem nearly impossible, let these space-themed kids’ bedrooms below be a reminder that only the sky is the limit!

Dress up your toddler’s room in planets and orbits! Not only will it be a magical place to sleep in, but also a learning experience as they gaze at the planets with curiosity and later on learn all about them. This photo is courtesy of Allwomenstalk!

If your child can’t get enough of planets, surprise them with amazing planet bedding that will immediately steal all of their attention and turn the room into a planetary perfection. Walmart has the inspiration!

The moon likes to play tricks with us, making us all moody sometimes, but we can’t deny how beautiful it looks like! This stunning bedroom by Tochka will be enough to make any kid fall completely in love with La Luna!

There’s a multitude of constellations out there, each one more fascinating than the other. If your children want to learn more about them, you can start by turning their room into a constellation paradise, like Young House Love did!

Wish to keep it minimal? A gentle starry garland will do! You can see its appearance at Mr. Fox! Even though it’s subtle, it’s just the starry touch a room needs!

This universe wall art looks so real it almost had us fooled! Turn one of the walls into a realistic solar system and allow your child’s bedroom to have a bit of an unusual edge! It looks good at Deavita!

This misty room will appeal to all the children who love to daydream! Encourage their imagination by decorating their room with some dreamy color tones that resemble a nebula! We snatched this at Home My Design!

How about an entire wall that depicts momma Earth? We find this idea by Blosem Kids really captivating! Children should know how our wonderful planet looks from far up above, so this also has an educational element to it.

Another great case of solar bedding, by HomeDit, represents our solar system in all its beauty: the sun in the center and planets orbiting around it. It’s amazing how much bed covers can contribute to the overall look of the room!

So many kids are dreaming about becoming astronauts once they grow up! Is yours one of them? This rocket-themed room will make them ever so happy! You never know, that’s maybe where their astronaut career truly begins! Photo by She Knows!

We told you, simple stars are just the special minimal touch every room can do with! It takes so little to make a children’s room a bit more outer space-friendly! PB Teen has more inspiration.

Using chalkboard to decorate with is an incredibly unique way of setting up your toddler’s room. It leaves lots of room for creativity and makes it possible to achieve exactly what your child wants and needs out of their room! Draw up their favorite motives and watch them light up with happiness! We found this at Shannon Collins.

What a great thing to have a room that quickly turns into outer space whenever your child wants to have space adventures! You can reach this look by adding a small element to their bed or bunk bed! Creating outer space has never been easier, has it? Picture from to the boo and the boy.

Design Dazzle shares this unique idea where a light doubles as a sun and the planets are drawn orbiting around it! This truly creates the feeling of being right in the middle of it. Just wait till you see how your little astronaut reacts to it!

Mom Spotted really turned the entire room into a cosmic environment. Wherever you look, there are elements from outer space! Every little detail is an important piece of the puzzle, from the wall to the bedding. With a room like this, who needs a playground?

But you don’t have to go all out; as Marie Claire shows us, you can create a space-themed bedroom for your child and still keep the décor more-or-less minimal. Use colors that are specific to galaxies, such as blue and violet, and you’re already halfway there! The little chalk rocket drawings are just the extra treat!

We’re willing to bet that within this room, wake-up calls sound something like: “Prepare for takeoff!” This space shuttle room is neatly decorated, from the ceiling to the floor. The giant rocket in the middle leaves us speechless! Seek inspiration at Petit & Small.

Space-themed children's room featuring a bed with a rocket headboards that reads the numbers 5 and 2 on either side.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

While a lot of outer space decorations include fantabulous wall décor, if that’s not your style or your child doesn’t want it, you can still bring some space vibes into their room by utilizing a headboard! From what we can see on Pinterest, it looks really nifty!

Another space, cartoon-like little nook that will inspire your child without a doubt! They will be able to gaze at their favorite planets straight from the comfort of their own bed, living the dream! Picture found at Nord Architecture.

Does your child want their room to feel like a real spaceship? Fable Bedworks might have something for you to draw ideas from! Just looking at it feels like we’re losing gravity!

Glowing décor is never a bad idea! My Wall Stickers knows just how to create an enchanting outer space atmosphere in a room that will leave your children in awe every single night when the lights go out.

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