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7 Bath Mat Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Like a Spa

When it comes to the average bath mat, people often go for something soft and made of fabric. And it makes sense, since its overall purpose is to soak up the leftover wetness from your feet after stepping out of the tub or shower. But if you’re anything like me, you’re not exactly a big fan of keeping a soggy piece of fabric on the bathroom floor. Here are a few inspirational alternatives that combine simplistic style with modern spa-like serenity.

Wine Cork Bath Mats

Here’s a fun DIY project for you! A bath mat made entirely out of wine corks. Crafty Nest shows you how to make one. Or if you don’t have enough corks lying around, you could just buy one from Etsy.

Wine cork bath mat
Wine cork bath mat with a subtle pattern

Cedar Wood Bath Mats

For your modern spa decor, you definitely should check out the gorgeous photos and full DIY tutorial on The Merry Thought for this amazing cedar bath mat. It has such a simple look, but it does wonders for this white bathroom!

Cedar bath mat
A cedar bath mat is a great DIY project

Teak Wood Bath Mats

Teak is another type of wood that can be perfect for bath mats. The three mats shown below from Natural Wood Decor, DIY Network, and Tenants Web all feature similar styles in dark, medium, and light tones.

Teak bath mat
Solid teak bath mat
Small teak bath mat

Bamboo Bath Mats

You might even consider bamboo if you’re going for a very “zen” feel in your bathroom. You can get them in all sorts of different styles — from this elegant oval bamboo mat featured on Wow Bathroom Ideas, to this other simple option shown on Grouple Me.

Oval bamboo bath mat
Simple bamboo bath mat

Pebble Bath Mats

Another very zen-like bath mat option is one that’s made out of flat, smooth pebbles. It would make a great DIY project too! BHG and Houzz show a dark pebble mat and a light-colored pebble mat, while Architecture Design DIY features a round one made out of pebbles of all different colors.

Black pebble bath mat
Pebble bath mat with light colored pebbles
Round bath mat with different colored pebbles

Felt Pebble Bath Mats

If you like the pebble look, but still prefer the softer texture of fabric over the cold and hard feel of the pebbles, Fluss Design on Etsy has a great alternative for you! Check out these felt mats that are made to look like real pebbles.

Felt stone rug / bath mat with different colors by FlussDesign
Felt stone rug / bath mat in gray by FlussDesign

Mossy Green Bath Mats

A lot of the bath mat options we’ve covered here are obviously inspired by nature, but not as much as this last one featured on Jebiga that’s made out of real moss! Given that moss grows in warm, damp places (and feels pretty nice on your feet too), it could be the perfect natural option for a bath mat if you’re feeling daring and willing to go this far.

Real moss bath mat
The moss thrives on the warm dampness of your bathroom

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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