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Small White Living Rooms Make a Statement: 25 Gorgeous Ideas and Tips

Maximizing space is a top priority for most people and it is not always easy to find that perfect balance between form and functionality all the time. It requires plenty of care and often you do need to compromise a touch on the colors you use for shaping the backdrop. One of the most popular and easiest ideas in this regard is the use of white to create a beautiful modern living room that can easily adapt to varying styles. The small white living room comes in a multitude of shapes and styles and you can meander between many of these without wasting too much time or money. In short, white living rooms are both money and time savers!

Beautiful small white living room blends monochromatic beauty with modernity [From: Moore House Design]

The best small white living rooms are those that feel organic and they can also embrace bright pops of color with ease. They also are spaces where the interior feels much larger than it really is. Some borrow from traditional charm while others are contemporary and minimal. Maximizing space without sacrificing style, this is a look at the 25 best small living rooms in white –

Saving Space with Color

White is the most basic and easiest color to use in the small living room and the advantage with the hue goes beyond just aesthetics. Apart from giving the room a more cheerful look, white in the living room also allows for a more even spread of natural and artificial light. The room just feels that much more spacious with a monochromatic white backdrop. You can go a step further as well by eliminating every other color in the room and just sticking to white. This makes for a more interesting living space that is different from any other.

Nothing brings the small white living room alive like a splash of natural greenery [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Rug in black along with striped club chair add contrast to the white living room [From: Joni Spear Interior Design]
Simple and uncomplicated color scheme anchored in white
Small living room in white of Miami home with curated dark accents [From: HW Interiors]
Wallpaper adds light gray and white to the living room while accentuating its style
White and gray small living room design idea
Gray curtains and blue accent pillows for the small white living room [From: Miranda White Studio]
Modern eclectic living room in white feels more chic than it is eclectic [From: Lorla Studio]

Adding Pops of Blue to the Setting

Classic Blue is the color of the year and while we are big fans of seasonally changing out accent colors in the living room, you might just want to stick with blue for a little longer this time. Blue couches and club chairs are a trendy choice in the living room and they can add bright splashes of color to the white setting without going overboard. If you are not happy with committing to a colorful sofa in the living room, then try out something smaller like wall art in blue or accessories that add the color without much fuss. For those who are bored with blue, yellow and orange are other trendy choices to consider in here.

Large bluish-gray sectional for the white living room with painted brick wall
Midcentury modern living room with a bright blue couch and pops of orange all around
Modular sofa units bring colorful adaptability to the small white living room [From: CRAVTSMAN]
Shabby chic accents coupled with a bright pop of yellow in the cozy white living room [From: Daphne Nauleau Interior Design]
Tiny Scandinavian style living room with gray couch and blue credenza [From: KITE Architects]
Blue chairs add color to the tiny white living room [From: Rethink Design Studio]
Blue couch and light green club chairs enliven the white living room [From: Carol schaper associates]
Gray sectional saves space in the tiny white living room

Picture-Perfect White Living Rooms

There are a couple of style in the living room that look absolutely picture-perfect when you are using white for the backdrop. Top of this list is Scandinavian style that still finds a home in the many small apartments and homes across the world! White is the go-to color in here and often it is just wooden accents and leather materials that are used in here without the necessity of any other colors. Another great style for the small white living room is beach style and in here, you can easily combine blue with white for a timeless look.

Light-filled Scandinavian style living room is draped entirely in white [From: Entrance]
Low ceiling gives the white living room a more dramatic visual appeal
Shabby chic living room in white feels both fun and sophisticated [From: Rachel Madden Interiors]
Wall art is an easy way to add a hint of color to the small white living room [From: Fava Design Group]
Wood and white is a trendy combination in the modern living room
Wooden accents coupled with gallery wall in the tiny white living room [From: Brittany Stiles Design]
Apartment living room in white with sectional in the corner
Cowhide rug and metallic accents bring brightness to the light-filled living room

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