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DIY Concrete Planters: Fabulous Projects that Bring Greenery Indoors

The more the urban jungle around us grows, more is the need among us to once again discover a connection with nature. Many homeowners are increasingly demanding interiors that are far greener and usher in nature’s freshness without taking away from modernity. This is where indoor plants neatly placed in the corners and those giant potted plants come in. They can be added to almost any interior without altering its style or color scheme. Not to forget all the fresh air that they provide in an otherwise polluted world. While we love the giant planters as much as the next guy, today we focus on DIY concrete planters.

Usher in greenery with a DIY concrete planter that has a wood stand [From: Homedit]

DIY concrete planters are pretty simple to craft and even beginners can make them without much fuss. They do not take beyond a few hours on the weekend to craft and many of the projects that we feature in the list today do not require too many materials as well. From the minimal and those with geo charm to those that can also be placed outside, this is a look at the most fun DIY concrete planters around –

Concrete with a Dash of Metallic Glint

It is hard to create more of visual contrast than with materials that are as diverse as concrete and metallic accents! Concrete feels strong, durable and there is nothing pretentious about it. With a raw, industrial appeal, concrete finds space in pretty much any modern interior with ease. Give the small and stylish concrete planters a coat of color and some metallic dazzle with paint and you have a trendy little creation that is bound to stay relevant for many seasons ahead. Gold accents or a blue coating for the small planter that you have created goes a long way in making it chic without demanding a lot of effort.

Gorgeous small concrete planters with a splash of blue and some metallic charm [From: etsy]
Small DIY vases made from cement and concrete are a popular choice with crafters [From: We Love Handmade] –
Beautiful concrete and gold planers are both sturdy and trendy! [From DIY in PDX]

Bring a Bit of Geo Style

Geometric style can be ushered in using many accents and in different ways. This spring, you can use smart concrete planters to add geometric style to the interior without splurging a fortune. Unique and simple balloon planters in cement can be placed pretty much anywhere while hanging triangular planters with a simple metallic can fit in pretty much anywhere. Fab succulents and air plants can be housed in these small concrete planters with ease and they can be placed in any nook without much fuss.

Unique balloon planters fit in both indoors and outside with ease [From: Artsy Pretty Plants]
Geo style combined with concrete charm with a fab Gem Mini Planters [From: The Proper Blog]
Hanging cement DIY planters add style with simplicity [From: pretty life girls]

Small Pops of Green Inside Your Home

Concrete vases and planters come in a wide range of shapes and forms and nothing is as special and one-of-a-kind as the creation from the Rustic Willow that uses a towel. This gives the planter a style of its own and allows you to add a planter to the interior or outdoors that is artsy as well. Concrete planters do not require much maintenance and they look great even when they are a little rough around the edges. This makes them a great option for beginner crafters as perfection is not mandatory in here!

Modern molded concrete planters take little time to make [From: radmegan]
One-of-a-kind concrete planter idea from The Rustic Willow
Take the DIY concrete planter idea outdoors this spring!
Concrete homemade succulent planters that are super-easy to make
DIY Concrete vase is a showstopper no matter where it sits [From: paper n stitch blog]

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