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Small Industrial Bedrooms Pack a Punch: 20 Best Ideas and Inspirations

Decorating a small room can be a tricky affair even with themes as calming and elegant as modern, Scandinavian or minimal. Imagine how much more complicated it is to create a lovely and functional bedroom in industrial style where the available space is far less than in your large master bedroom. It is a task that demands perfect balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. But even before you get started, one needs an absolute clarity of thought. Be sure that you want an industrial style for your small bedroom before you choose the overall look and colors within the room. Without this, the small bedroom can feel cluttered pretty quickly!

Ultra-small attic bedroom with sloped ceiling and large mirror that gives it a more spacious look [From: KRAUZE architects]

The small industrial bedroom is a place where you will often find several different textures being thrown into the mix. You need to find a balance between these varied elements and finishes even as you plan for space-savvy features. Some the best small industrial bedrooms embrace their bones and do so without going overboard. From the understated to the audacious and from those more modern to ones that are rough around the edges, this is a look at some of the best ideas and inspirations around –

Making Most of Limited Space

The first thing to consider in the small industrial bedroom is the limited room in there and how you can utilize this limited space without taking away from the aesthetics. Sliding doors, stackable and folding door along with cabinets and shelves that fold away easily are the best way to maximize space in here. In many industrial bedrooms, wooden cabinets and shelves feel like a natural feature and they add to the overall contrast that different finishes offer. Industrial style itself is one that is born out of practicality and maximization of resources; making it absolutely perfect for tiny rooms.

Attic level modern industrial bedroom in wood and black with smart décor [From: MacDonald+Duque Design]
Finding space for workspace, wardrobe and additional storage units in the tiny industrial bedroom
Making use of vertical space in the small apartment to fit in an additional bedroom
Modern industrial attic bedroom with ample natural light and beautiful wooden floor [From: Hilberth & Jørgensen Arkitekter]
Skylight brings natural light into the tiny attic level industrial bedroom in white
Storage space under the bed in the small bedroom gives it a more space-conscious design [From: Domiteaux Architects]

Explore Different Textures and Finishes

There are many finishes and texture that feel far more apt in the small industrial bedroom than pretty much anywhere else. The best feature in here is the exposed brick wall that is pretty popular among homeowners and is a great accent wall in a small space that is filled with neutral colors. Then there are the many concrete and cement features that look good even when used sporadically. Exposed plumbing and duct pipes also are welcome in here and add to the industrial vibe. Combine these with metallic lighting fixtures and pops of color for the perfect modern industrial bedroom.

Folding doors and a neutral backdrop add to the spacious design of this small industrial bedroom with accent brick wall [From: Board & Vellum / Andrew Giammarco Photography]
Large bookshelf for the modern industrial bedroom with brick walls and a comfy bed [From: OVERARCH]
Polished bedroom in gray with contemporary industrial style that is urbane
Sconce lighting illuminates the headboard brick wall in the small industrial bedroom
White sheer curtains, textured walls and metallic lighting fixtures combine to create this fabulous bedroom [From: Yuri Grishko]
Brick wall and smart metal mesh offer ample textural contrast to this small industrial bedroom
Exposed duct pipes are an integral part of the industrial style interior

Adding Color to the Industrial Bedroom

Adding color to the small bedroom is considered to be a risky affair and in the industrial bedroom it can feel even more out of place. But when done right, even the tiniest pops of color can make a big impact. A room in purple with concrete walls, one where you have red accents all around or an industrial bedroom in gray with gorgeous green accents are all great ideas for those who wish to add a bit of color to the setting.

Concrete ceiling and exposed duct pipes bring industrial beauty to this colorful bedroom in violet [From: Robeson Design]
Exposed brick walls are a natural and integral part of modern industrial bedrooms [From: Amanda Thompson]
Framed windows and doors give this modern industrial room a cheerful and open appeal[From: K3-Planungs Studio]
Tiny industrial bedroom with a blue accent wall and super-stylish design [From: NEVA Architecture Intérieure – Interior Design]
Tiny niche in the corner is turned into a cozy bedroom
Bedroom that moves more towards modernity than towards industrial design [From: Studio M Designs]

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