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Small Home Office Ideas for Two: Working from Home Together!

If you are still struggling to stay indoors after all these weeks, then you are not alone. And for those who are working from home and discovering the many little adjustments that one needs to make for that, once again we can safely say that you are not alone. If working from home is something alien to you, then initial struggles are all too common. Some just cannot concentrate in a home environment and others might have to deal with constantly nagging issues though the course of the day. One thing that can make the job a whole lot easier is a proper home office.

Wooden fold-down desks turn the tiny space into a flexible work area for two [From: The Tiny Project]

Having a home office is all too easy if you are the only one staying at home and working. But for couples and those who share their apartment with friends, working at home can be a bit trickier. A home workspace for two though can be created even in the smallest of spaces. It does not require a dedicated room all the time and everything from that niche under the stairway to the large corridor and staircase landing can be turned into a work area – at least for now. From the stylish to the space-savvy, this is a look at some of the best small home office ideas for two.

Finding the Right Space

Start by figuring out where the home office needs to be. This is not just about finding a pocket of space in your busy home, but one that has all the right elements. If you have little ones around, then you want a home workspace where you can keep an eye on them more often than not. At the same time, some amount of tranquility is a must to get any work done. Corners are often the best place for a small home workspace for two. Each one can work on either side of the corner and space is delineated clearly without any wastage.

Corner spaces are a great option for the workarea for two
Loft level workspace with curved desk and ample shelf space [From: Wills Design Associates]
Workspace for two in the staircase landing area ensures you will not have to use another room for home office

Setting Up your Desk and Chairs

The hard part is definitely getting the right desk and chairs for your home office. An ergonomic chair and desk at the right height are incredibly important and we cannot really overstate how essential it is to get this right. A desk that is too high or a poor chair can easily give you bad back and neck aches down the line. As simple, built-in wooden blank that stretches out to accommodate two people is the easiest and trendiest choice in small home office. But we also like the innovative idea of a t-shaped desk that offers additional working area.

T-shaped desk offers more desk space in the tiny home office for a couple [From: Closet Factory]
Finding ways to share the small common workspace during quarantine times [From: Cross Construction]

Understanding Needs

Each one of us needs something different from the work area. This is why creating one for two people in a very limited space can be pretty hard. One might want a bit more desk space while the other might need more privacy for calls. In tiny home offices, a glass partition between the two sections can be an option if you feel both the individuals spend long hours talking work. Of course, his design is not always practical and you might have to come with a better scheduling of calls to use the same office on most occasions.

You do not need too much of desk space when all you need for work is your laptop [From: KBG Design]
Custom desk can turn the large hallway into a lovely workspace for two [From: ArchiBlox]
Move beyond the usual constraints to create your own workspace for two that works in your home [From: BL/SS]

Flexible Design

Modern home offices do not seem to require a whole lot of storage space. Even if you did, it can be achieved by turning to the walls. But charging points and power outlets are a different proposition. Make sure there are enough ports for both of you and also ensure connectivity is not an issue. Small niches anywhere can be transformed easily into work areas with these simple solutions. An equally important component is lighting and pendant lights come to your rescue here. An area next to the window also makes things a whole lot easier as you can utilize all that natural light during daytime.

Turn the tiny niche into a small workspace for two with the right desk and décor [From: Heather Banks]
Breakfast area and home workspace are both the same in this tiny mobile home with walls in wood [From: Sol Haus Design]
Creating that small home office for a coupled inside a small niche using sliding door and ample shelving [From: Perianth Design | Buy My Eye]
Right task lighting is a must have for the small modern home office for two [From: Creekside Construction]
Rug brings a hint of color to this small home office for two [From: Sundance Homes]

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