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15 Custom Folding Desks and Worktables for the Small, Space-Savvy Home Office

We sometimes feel that many of us can be obsessed with maximizing space in small areas and are constantly figuring out ways in which we can eek-out that extra few inches. It does make sense in small urban homes and suburban residences where space is becoming increasingly limited and people are finding it hard to find new housing in congested areas. This is why we are big fans of ideas that help with creating multi-tasking areas and rooms that can serve more than one purpose with ease. And with homeowners increasingly bringing more and more work home, the smart home workstation is one that fits into this category.

Beautiful modern-industrial home office in white with ample shelf space and a folding desk [From: Rosangela Photography]

One of the easiest ways to create a fabulous, functional and space-savvy workspace in any room is by using a fold-down desk that just disappears when not in use. The folding desk or worktable that just folds away is one that can transform the small corner in the bedroom, the tiny niche in the hallway or a forgotten space in the kitchen into a functional and stylish work area that places functionality above form. From those that bring smart shelving along with simple desks to those that offer just a folding desk, this is a look at the 15 best ideas around –

Drop-Down Desks Along with Shelving

A convenient option in the small home workspace is to have a desk that folds out of the way when not in use, even as you combine the space around it with some lovely shelving. This allows you to clear out the desk with ease when it is folded away and you can even use the additional shelves and cabinets to tuck away any office supply. This solution can ether come in the form of a custom desk integrated with existing shelves in your home or you can opt for a foldable desk unit that comes with shelves of its own.

Exquisite walnut foldable desk with shelves makes your work a whole lot easier
Space-savvy home office design in the staircase landing area with a folding work desk [From: Kirkwood McLean Architects]
A desk that slides out when needed and can be placed back into the shelf is a smart, space-savvy choice
Clever use of chair in orange brings a bright splash of color to the corner workspace with folding desk

Tiny Standalone Cubes with Work Desks

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of transforming that small corner into a workspace is by installing a tiny little desk unit that folds away into a closed shelving unit when not in use. There are plenty of such designs available out in the market and some of them also usher in woodsy warmth of metallic dazzle without disturbing the color scheme of the room. Just add a stool of comfortable chair to the mix and you have a gorgeous and functional home office area that can be used by everyone in the family.

Gorgeous little work desk for the Scandinavian style room can be used by both kids and adults alike [From: bkbs]
Lovely wooden folding desk in wood can be placed pretty much anywhere with ease
Small niche in the hallway, living room or the bedroom can be turned into a workspace with folding desk [From: Uncommon Projects]
Bringing light into the small home workspace with folding wooden desk and simple seating [From: Wilson Lighting / Nichole Kennelly Photography]
Custom fold-down daily workdesk designed by Michael Hilgers for RADIUS keeps things simple and uncomplicated

Turn any Space into a Workspace

We always advocate the philosophy of finding a solution that works best in your own home instead of strictly adhering to style constraints. In small apartments with very limited space, a multi-functional wall in the living room with a folding desk can be used both as a workstation and small dining area. In other homes a simple wooden plank fixed to the railing of the staircase in the landing area is the place to work done. DO not place too much emphasis on imitating a particular look. Just embrace the inspiration you draw from it and give it a bespoke makeover!

Innovative folding desk in laminated birch plywood inside this London home office disappears into the walls when not in use! [From: Powell Picano bespoke furniture and kitchens]
Spacious living room along with the workspace perfectly captures the charm of a modern Parisian apartment
The folding and movable desk can turn any tiny space into a workarea with ease
Custom metallic wall in blue inside the apartment multi-tasks and morphs into a variety of decor pieces
Folding desk in the ultra-tiny apartment living room gives flexibility with space-savvy design

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