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Small Gray Bathroom Ideas: A Balance Between Style and Space-Conscious Design

Gray has been the king of neutrals for nearly a decade now. As we come to the end of the second decade of this millennium, gray is a color that is still the most popular when it comes to the trendiest neutral hues. You might disagree on the hue, tint and shade of gray that looks the best; but the color itself is universally loved at the moment! One of its many benefits is the way in which it can be used equally diligently in large and small spaces. Sometimes it plays the role of a neutral color that shapes the backdrop and on other occasions it is used to highlight accent features. Today, we explore the beautiful world of efficient small gray bathrooms.

Tiny rustic bathroom in gray with a dash of greenery [From: Unique Homestays]

The small gray bathroom is a space that demands very little in terms of additional colors. You can just use different shades of gray in the same bathroom to create a lovely tone-on-tone look. Of course, colorful seasonal accents are always welcome in here and by just changing the towels, flowers in the vase on the vanity and other minute details, a whole new look can be achieved. Versatile, popular and charming, these small gray bathrooms steal the show in every sense of the word –

Discover the Shades of Gray

Gray in its warm or cool variants looks equally appealing and which route you wish to take depends on the local weather, style of your choice and the overall size of the bathroom itself. Bathrooms that receive ample natural light or have an even layer of artificial lighting can use darker shades of gray with ease while much more tiny bathrooms look good in lighter shades. Bluish-gray is a color that seems to the most popular in this spectrum of trendy shades and you can use pops of red and yellow to enliven the room further.

Explore the many shades of gray and blue in the small bathroom [From: Peak Construction & Remodeling]
Stylish and space-savvy small bathroom in gray
Bluish-gray for the bathroom vanities and walls makes for a lovely tiny bathroom with modern beach style [From: Karen Berkemeyer Home]
Dark gray tiles for the small bathroom in Chicago home [From: chad esslinger design]

Using it with White

This feels like the simplest color combination that involves gray and one that works as well in modern, minimal and Scandinavian bathrooms as it does in classic and farmhouse style bathrooms. White and gray feels like a natural pairing of colors and here it is white that takes the role of a lovely neutral while gray adds accent features, highlights specific regions of the bathroom and can help create custom accent walls for the shower area. Bathroom floor in gray and vanities in the same color help shape a more curated bathroom that is easy on the eyes while being space-savvy.

White and gray bathroom idea where the latter dominates the backdrop [From: Pam Chapman Architect]
Beautiful little glass dolphin is the only fetaure that adds color to this contemporary gray bathroom
Beautiful little glass dolphin is the only fetaure that adds color to this contemporary gray bathroom [From: The Kitchen Design Center]
Victorian style bathroom with vintage touches maximizes space by using a gray backdrop [From: Story Hill Renovations]

Lighting it Right!

As we alluded to earlier, lighting is a key element that determines the shade of gray that you can pick in the small bathroom. Skylight is the perfect way to usher in ample natural light into the small gray bathroom that is pleasing and evenly lit. Since space is otherwise limited in these tiny rooms, sconce lights next to the mirror are an absolute must while you can even add a small pendant in the corner that drives away any sense of dullness in there. A few indoor plants and warm metallic fixtures should complete the perfect the perfect small bathroom!

Custom zinc and wood vanity, accent wall and floor bring gray to this bathroom [From: Amanda Thompson]
Transitional style bathroom vanity in gray along with white and gray hexagonal floor tiles [From: Metropolis Drafting and Construction]
Custom gray tiles with 3D pattern for the shower area [From: Haight Carpet & Interiors]
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