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Design Trend: Small Geo Mirrors

We at Decoist are fans of the geo mirror, and today’s post focuses on those that are petite yet bold. Geometric style has been a top design trend for multiple seasons, and it shows no signs of slowing down. After all, geo forms are perfect for modern interiors ranging from the contemporary to the Scandinavian-influenced. When you add mirrored glass to the mix, you get a style that is both practical and sleek. Check out the 20 small geo mirrors below, which include everything from hand mirrors to selections that can be mounted on the wall…

Geo Hand Mirrors

Let’s begin with mirrors that you can easily lift, should you need to take a closer look! Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s Maru Hand Mirror combines geo style with a mixed materials look. A Paperstone or Corian base creates a steady platform that allows the mirror to stand on its own, while its lightweight nature makes it easy to lift. The mirror’s handle is available in brass, aluminum or copper. The metal surrounds a wooden core:

Maru hand mirror from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Below we see the Tall version of the mirror. While both designs are currently sold out, we have high hopes that they will soon be restocked and ready to add style to your interior!

Tall geo mirror from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

CB2’s Reflection 8″ Hand Mirror features a shesham wood handle and a black powdercoated metal rim, which combine to reveal a sleek, industrial look:

Hand mirror from CB2

A wooden dowel is your friend for this modern DIY hand mirror project from Paper & Stitch. There is beauty in its simplicity, and an ombre effect on the handle adds an extra special touch!

DIY geo hand mirror from Paper & Stitch

Metal and rubber merge to create color-blocked style in the Utility Mirror from Urban Outfitters. Dipped in rubber for a splash of color, the mirror is currently available in blue.

Color-blocked mirrors from Urban Outfitters

Crossing the line between tabletop mirror and hand mirror is the Round Mirror from H&M Home. Resting on a wooden base, this circular statement piece is compact yet striking:

Mirror with a wooden base from H&M Home

Hanging Mirrors with Geo Style

We now move on to mirrors that hang on the wall, or at least, rest against it! We begin with West Elm’s Holler Design Mirror, which has the look of a hand mirror but is the size of a small wall mirror. Solid walnut hardwood is the material of choice:

Walnut mirror from West Elm

At $19, $29 and $39, Urban Outfitters’ Pyramid Mirror is (affordably) available in small, medium and large. Triangular style can live on your wall, or  perhaps you’ll choose to lean this mirror against a shelf for an instant dose of geo style:

Pyramid mirrors from Urban Outfitters

This Set of 3 Swarm Wall Mirrors from CB2 resemble the forms of a bee’s hive. Let them swarm your wall with their hexagonal style:

Trio of hexagonal mirrors

For a similar look with handcrafted style, Etsy shop Noja Glass Design offers this honeycomb wall mirror, crafted from mirrored glass and copper foil:

Geo honeycomb wall mirror from Etsy shop Noja Glass Design

West Elm’s Color Wash Mirrors are perfect for grouping in clusters. Featuring forms such as diamond, triangle, hexagon, elongated hexagon and square, they are sleek without being stark:

Geo mirrors from West Elm

Urban Outfitters’ Metal Overlay Mirrors in Circle and Hexagon take a different approach to geo style, letting the metal cutouts create a form-within-a-form look. Which shape(s) do you fancy?!…

Metal geo mirrors from Urban Outfitters

Online marketplace Etsy offers a range of interesting geo mirrors, and this Hexagon Mirror from Etsy shop Janel Foo Glassworks is available in two different color schemes. Bold meets vibrant!

Hexagon mirror from Etsy shop Janel Foo Glassworks

This Triangle Mirror Shelf from Etsy shop Made For Each Other is both a mirror and a shelf! Unfinished maple borders the thick glass:

Triangle mirror shelf from Etsy shop Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other also offers the triangle shelf with a barn wood frame. Century-old barn wood from the shop owner’s grandfather, to be exact!

Triangle mirrors from Etsy shop Made For Each Other

This Diamond Wall Mirror from Etsy shop Noja Glass Design brings striking elegance and faceted flair home. Choose from either a black or copper patina as a finishing touch:

Diamond mirror from Etsy shop Noja Glass Design

What do you get when you combine a wall mirror with a shelf? The Wall Wonder Mirror from ferm LIVING! Made of smoked oak veneer and dusty blue laminate, the piece also incorporates a diamond design of mirrored glass, adding another layer of practicality and style. Note that the piece is also available in maple, without the blue laminate.

Wall mirror and shelf from ferm LIVING

ferm LIVING’s Enter Mirror in Small is the perfect accompaniment to the brand’s Clothes Rack, as it can easily hang from the rod. Powder coated metal, mirror and leather combine for a minimalist decor accessory:

Hanging mirror from ferm LIVING

Last but not least, this Small Faceted Mirror from West Elm is anything but tiny. With a diameter of 20 inches, it makes a substantial statement without taking over the wall:

Faceted mirror from West Elm

Will you be bringing home reflective geo style this season? Geometric mirrors are an easy way to add shine to your interior while celebrating one of today’s biggest trends!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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