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Functional Small Craft Room Ideas Perfect for the Modern DIY Enthusiast

Being stuck indoors for a prolonged period of time can give you a whole new perspective on life. It also shows us how much time we usually tend to spend on commuting, going out and generally doing things that are away from our home and not always productive. The extra time that we spend indoors can be put to good use by cultivating a hobby that will keep us company for a lifetime. And the perfect place for starting a new craft or getting reacquainted with an old one is a small and ergonomic craft room that has it all.

Simple grid on the wall provides easy storage solution in the white craft room [From: Area3 Design Studio]

Small craft rooms are easy to create if you know exactly what u need. Often, it is a space filled with multiple storage options and a crafting surface that comes in the form of an island or a desk. Of course, in the smaller craft rooms, you need a design that is much more flexible, responsive to your specific needs and gives your greater adaptability down the line. Some serve both as a home office and craft room while others just occupy a corner in the bedroom or the kitchen – no matter where you put them, this is a look at the best small craft room ideas around –

Smart Storage and Wall Space

In craft rooms, the most important feature is undoubtedly the many storage units and shelving spaces that allow you to tuck away all the supplies. In the smaller rooms, it is the walls that come to your rescue and you can use a variety of solutions like the pegboard, the metal grid or a series of hangers and hooks to get the desired result. Beyond these more apparent options and open, floating shelves, it is a collection of boxes and baskets that easily provides all the storage you need in here. For those who do not wish to commit to more permanent features like wooden cabinets in this small room, these clever ideas provide a nifty alternative.

Multiple storage units, cabinets and shelves along with smart lighting create this exquisite little craft room [From: California Closets]
Small New York craft room utilizes corner space along with storage benches under the counter [From: Creative Storage]
Using smart storage options like pegboards allows you to maximize wall space in the small craft room [From: AC Interiors Design]
Baskets, boxes, pegboard walls and cabinets create an amazing array of storage options in this small craft room [From: Adrienne DeRosa]

Craft Room that Multitasks

We adore rooms that multi-task because they ensure that the same limited space can be used in more ways than one. In small urban apartments and modest homes, the craft room that also acts as your home office and homework space for the kids is an option that is definitely practical. There are very few compromises one needs to make in here with the crafting desk that can easily function as the home office desk as well. Maybe this can be your dedicated home office during weekdays and on weekends it can function as the crafting area that is home to your most creative projects! Since both rooms require the right task lighting, lots of ambient light and ample shelving, once again, the combination seems just natural.

Small black and white craft room with Scandinavian style and decor that is space-savvy [From: Maike Wagner Fotografie]
Smart freestanding desk for the Scandinavian style craft room with plenty of natural light and a dash of greenery [From: Wind und Wasser – Feng Shui Beratung]
Freestanding wooden desk along with storage space creates this fabulous little crafting zone [From: Judith Taylor Designs]
Home office and craft room rolled into one with smart decor and a clever workstation [From: Lionel F Bailey AIA Architect]

Color, Lighting and Organization

In the tiny craft room, it is a series of dowels and pegboards that come in handiest as they turn even the most restrictive space into one that offers multiple storage solutions. Then you have cubbies, thrift store boxes, baskets and pull-out shelves that offer more closed storage options. Make sure that all this is illuminated by an even layer of recessed lights and if you have a window in here, then even better! The best small craft rooms can also seem disorganized at times when you have too many things going on at the same time. Keep the backdrop neutral and the color scheme simple to ensure you reduce visual fragmentation of the limited space.

Create a craft zone in the home office where you can create your favorite DIY pieces in peace [From: Dinnissen Design]
Tiny desk in the corner acts as the crafting station in this delightful little blue and white crafts room
Tiny white craft room with brick walls and crafting desk in the corner
Wallpaper brings floral pattern to this small craft room in white with clever storage ideas [From: Simply Home Decorating]
Cozy and beautiful wooden walls create a lovely ambiance in this tiny craft room that is filled with supplies [From: Black Pine Architects]

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