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Kitchen Pegboard Ideas: Transforming Storage Options and Saving-Space!

As the time for the change in seasons nears, we can sense the tiny little differences in weather and colors outside which prompt us, design enthusiasts, to give our homes a quick makeover. Seasonal trends often are all about aesthetics and from hot colors to trendy patterns and styles, form precedes functionality here. But as fall of 2018 rolls in, those looking to alter their kitchen ever so slightly even while improving its functionality drastically have a wonderful new trend to look forward to – the pegboard!

Showcase the pots and pans in the kitchen with style using pegboard wall [From: Dodie Hall]

Pegboards in the kitchen can come in incredibly handy and you need not change too much to add a pegboard surface to your existing kitchen. They can take up any little corner of the room and you will instantly see how the kitchen feels a lot more organized and inviting. Pegboards work especially well for those with plenty of kitchenware, pots and pans around and have to use them on a more regular basis. Classic, uncomplicated and back in trend, this is a look at the best kitchen pegboard ideas.

Time to Get Innovative!

Adding a pegboard to your kitchen can be done in multiple ways and it all depends on available storage, your kitchenware and how you wish to utilize the pegboard as an overall visual element. A wooden pegboard wall in small kitchen can be a smart solution for those struggling to find some shelf space. It is a space that can store pretty much anything and everything and with some pegboards also having an additional ‘magnetic’ feature, the choices are simply endless. Then there are pegboards that can be simply hidden away when not in use, much like a conventional kitchen slide-out drawer!

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Contemporary kitchen with pegboard wall offers ample storage space
Corner of the rustic kitchen turned into storage space using pegboard on the walls
DIY Kitchen pegboard idea for a more organized kitchen space

Another clever way to maximize space in the kitchen is by adding a pegboard to the kitchen corner. This not only puts the forgotten corner to good use, but also makes sure that the rest of the kitchen is left undisturbed. From modern pegboards in black to the wooden delights that feel more classic and rustic, picking the right pegboard is as much about aesthetics as it is about ergonomics. (Something we will get to in a bit)

Smart option for those who wish to tuck away the pegboard from plain sight! [From: Hardware Resources]
Add magnetic feature to your pegboard for additional storage option [From: Wall Control]

Working with Multiple Styles

Finding the right pegboard for your kitchen might be more about its functionality than mere ‘looks’, but the latter also plays an important part in completing your dream kitchen. A stainless steel pegboard with sparkling style looks good in industrial, modern and contemporary kitchens while one in black feels perfect for a minimal and urbane apartment kitchen. The weathered wooden pegboard is at home in rustic and farmhouse kitchens while a more colorful pegboard finds space in the eclectic and shabby chic kitchens. Do not neglect the visual aspect while you focus on the many space-saving solutions that the pegboard brings.

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Pegboard wall can also double as a lovely display! [From: Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors]
Smart pegboard fits into any kitchen corner with ease [From: Wall Control]
Durable metal pegboard wall for the modern industrial kitchen [From: Wanda Ely Architect]
Eclectic kitchen with a touch of vintage charm [From: Liv By Design Interiors]

Backsplash and Color

A pegboard backsplash or just a small pegboard panel above the backsplash in the kitchen is a convenient addition that requires very little in terms of a makeover. It feels organic and is more than sufficient as most of us do not have a bundle of pots and pans to hang. A bit of bright color ushered in by the pegboard wall can also add contrast to a monotonous kitchen in neutral hues.

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A simple pegboard can add character to the boring kitchen backsplash
Pegboard kitchen basksplash combines modernity with storage options
Pegboard with bright red pots and pans steals the show in this eclectic kitchen [From: Scheer & Co. Interior Design]
Transitional kitchen in white and gray with pegboard backsplash [From: Patrick Lewis Architects]
White kitchen with pops of orange and metal pegboard [From: Amiano & Son Construction]

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