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Tiny Apartment in Prague Gets a Refined, Cost-Effective Makeover

Transforming a small apartment into a seemingly cheerful and spacious setting is hard enough as it is. The task becomes even trickier if you are working on a tight budget with little wiggle room. This 45 square meter apartment in Prague manages to accomplish both as its owner along with some help from interior design firm Stag Pads, completely altered its vibe. The modest apartment was given a brand new color scheme that relies largely on white with black and gray anchoring the rooms and highlighting specific architectural features.

Budget-friendly IKEA additions and a neutral color scheme transform the apartment

Despite its neutral backdrop, there is no lack of colorful effervescence here with pops of yellow, blue and green enlivening different rooms of the apartment. A small kitchen, open living space and breakfast bar welcome you here with ingenious IKEA décor, wonderful thrift store finds and reupholstered vintage furniture cutting on the remodel cost. Working with limited resources, the dashing upgrade relies on creativity, clever use of available space and wall art that fills the interior with playful zest.

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Artwork combined with framed posters and fun prints to create a cool gallery wall
Black, white and pops of bold color enliven the small Prague apartment
Pops of yellow stand out more vividly thanks to the neutral backdrop
Mirrored surfaces and wardrobe for the contemporary bedroom
Modern bedroom in blue and white with pops of yellow

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The bedroom with its accent blue wall and a striking yellow bedside table and the small bathroom with dark, hexagonal floor tiles complete a smart and youthful apartment where clean, crisp modern deisgn is coupled with ergonomics in an effortless fashion.

Dark hexagonal tiles for the bathroom floor
Yellow coupled with gray elegantly inside the small apartment
White sink, wooden countertop and dark bathroom vanity for the modern bathroom

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