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Rediscover Summer Bliss with these Fabulous Shabby-Chic Porch Ideas

It might have been several months, if not almost a year now since you stepped outside with some sense of freedom and safety. A crippling global pandemic has forced us indoors for a while now and it I only in the last couple of months that some regions of the world are able to get back to what is close to normalcy. Of course, we are always here to give you new ideas on ways in which you can escape doom and gloom outside, turning your home into a much more relaxing and energized setting. And with summer knocking on the doorstep, the front porch is a wonderful place that lets you escape the mundane as you safely watch the world go by.

Dreamy and beautiful shabby-chic screened-in porch is perfect for all seasons! [From: Sara Bates]

There are plenty of styles you can choose for the porch and each one of them brings with it a distinctive flavor that is just unmistakable. But few capture the lazy charm of summer evenings, colorful zest of the season and the tinge of unrestrained green that it offers quite like shabby-chic at its beautiful best. It feels cozy, fresh and with an eclectic mix of seating ideas you have ample space even on a tiny porch for everyone to relax and rejuvenate. So step in discover the best shabby-chic porch ideas as you get your home ready for summer –

An Outdoor Living Space

One of our favorite ways to decorate the front porch is to turn it into an outdoor living space; one that feels like a perfect spot for a little staycation every evening. It is easy to use shabby-chic style in this setting as it stands in contrast to the contemporary and modern style used in most modern homes. The shabby-chic porch is comfortable; even luxurious at times. It is very pleasant on your eyes as well and with brilliant splashes of color, you have an additional living room that welcomes you perfectly each morning and evening.

Lovely shabby chic porch in white with extended roof and a reclaimed wooden sofa for a relaxing evening [From: Cortney Bishop]
Luxurious shabby-chic porch with lighting and fireplace is an absolute showstopper [From: Fratantoni Design-Architecture and Interior Design]
Shabby-chic porch with fabulous views along with daybed and dining table is just perfect for a staycation [From: James River Construction]
Spacious and beautiful screened-in porch with brick walls and a relaxing shabby-chic style [From: Exterior Additions]
Accent colors on the beautiful white porch give it a bright, summery appeal [From: Virge Temme Architecture]

Basics of Shabby-Chic for the Porch

It is pretty easy to notice that one of the most basic traits of shabby-chic style is the white backdrop that makes everything else feel much more brilliant. Simple neutrals for the backdrop ensure that the porch also can change between styles down the line with ease. A reclaimed coffee table in the center, a rug from the local flea market, an old cabinet in the backdrop, indoor plants and chairs that feel more vintage than modern – it is easy to embrace shabby-chic without overthinking the style.

Finding the right vintage decor for your smart shabby-chic porch in white [From: raum55]
Modest shabby-chic porch design with a dash of eclectic charm thrown into the mix [From: Patsy Walton Art & Design]
Simple and elegant shabby chic style porch with reclaimed decor that gives it a sense of uniqueness [From: Mina Brinkey]
Small and modern shabby-chic style porch decorating ideas with natural goodness
Small shabby-chic style porch and entrance decorating idea [From: Gress Photography]

Comfort Meets Modernity

There is always a bit of space for modern overtones in any style that you choose. It is no different with shabby-chic as you turn to comfortable modern décor to create smart seating in here. The luxurious little couch or modern dining stable surrounded by more distressed and vintage elements feel just fine on the shabby-chic porch. With ample natural light, you will not have to worry about lights sources as long as you predominantly use it during daytime. Do make sure though that the orientation of the porch is just right to avoid scorching mid-day sun.

Modern shabby-chic porch with stone and glass walls, decor in natural materials and brilliant splashes of blue [From: RKA Construction]
Turn the relaxing shabby chic porch into a lovely outdoor dining space [From: Atlantic Archives]
White shabby-chic porch with white decor and a rug that ushers in pops of terracotta [From: Classic Home Building-Myrtle Beach]
Gray ceiling and a tropical fan give this shabby-chic porch a unique identity
Tiny porch with swing seat and terracotta tiles [From: Creazione d’ Atmosfere]

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