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Solar-Powered Decorative Ideas to Light Up Your Yard

There’s no need to head indoors right after dark when it’s still warm enough to enjoy the warmer weather. Spending a few late nights hanging out and shootin’ the breeze in your yard can do the body and soul some good! And to make that nighttime experience more convenient for you and anyone you’re entertaining, it’s always a good idea to set up proper light fixtures along walkways, steps, your driveway, the pool, the shed, and anywhere else to help keep everything visible at night (so you don’t trip and fall flat on your face). It’s a pretty standard part of any landscaping design, but have you ever thought about taking a more decorative approach to it? Check out these solar-powered garden pieces that can turn any dimly lit yard into a magical, luminous oasis!

Glowing Planters

Quite possibly one of the most interesting ways to bring more lighting into your yard is to disguise it in a clever way that complements the decor. These awesome planters come with solar cells you can stick in the ground to power up the LED lights at night. There’s even a kaleidoscope option that makes the colors change.

Solar-powered planters change color or stay white
A solar-powered planter lit up after its solar cell took in sunlight during the day

Floral Highlights

Mini lights that can be strung across your outdoor patio furniture, deck, or trees can help bring an enchanting look to the outdoors after dark. Why not take it up a notch with mini lights that resemble little flowers? It’s unbelievable how pretty these IKEA Solvinden solar-powered floral lights are.

Solvinden solar-powered floral lights from IKEA
Solvinden solar-powered floral lights from IKEA

Garden Embellishments

Bed Bath and Beyond has these great little solar-powered stakes that add a “whimsical glow” to your landscaping. A decorated birdcage, a wise owl, and a beaming sun stake feature colorful globes that soak up the rays during the daytime so they can come to life at night. There’s also one that features a couple of tropical birds of paradise flowers with smaller solar-powered lights.

Solar-powered birdcage stake from Bed Bath and Beyond
Solar-powered birds of paradise stake from Bed Bath and Beyond
Solar-powered owl stake from Bed Bath and Beyond
Solar-powered sun stake from Bed Bath and Beyond

Nature-Inspired Shapes

Glass globes, vases, bottles, and even mason jars are fun ways to bring solar-powered lighting outside, but none of them compare to the variety of shapes you’ll see below! Also from IKEA’s Solvinden solar-powered lighting selection, you’ll find lights shaped like birds, plants, fruits, and even mushrooms.

Solar-powered birds from IKEA
Solar-powered plants from IKEA
Solar-powered fruits from IKEA
Solar-powered mushrooms from IKEA

Lucent Lanterns

If simplicity is more your style, then you can never go wrong with round paper lanterns. You can get these from IKEA too, in plain white or in all sorts of different colors of the rainbow. Illuminate your entire yard from top to bottom with large, medium, or mini lanterns scattered casually across open spaces. You pretty much can’t go wrong with these!

White round paper lanterns from IKEA
Colored round paper lanterns from IKEA
White round paper lanterns from IKEA placed in a garden

A great outdoor space with gorgeous lighting is every star-gazing night owl’s dream. Just remember to keep the mosquito repellent handy as you sit back, relax, and take in the fresh night air.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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