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15 Creative Room Dividers for the Space-Savvy and Trendy Bedroom

Long gone are the days when walls were the only way to create a partition between two rooms, and with the world gleefully embracing open plan living, decorating solutions that allow you to delineate space without walls are all the rage. Creating a partition between two rooms is no longer about simple design. There are plenty of options that allow you to maximize space, create new dynamics with an open interior and also ensure that you do not compromise on style. And today, we take a look at how imaginative room dividers can completely alter your bedroom while adding value to it!

Use the open shelf as a room divider in the master bedroom with conversation nook [From: Elayne Barre Photography]

There is nothing revolutionary about simple room dividers, and they have been around since ancient Egypt and Chinese empires. But today we are looking past the simple screens and antique pieces and flipping through ideas that let your bedroom multitask with ease and elegance. From bedrooms with cozy conversation and breakfast nooks to those that need better integration with the master bathroom, ingenious room dividers come in handy every single time!

Inspired by the Classics

While antique screens and room dividers might not be ideal for contemporary bedrooms, both in terms of practicality and style, one can still draw plenty of inspiration from them. Much like the classic Shoji screens and room dividers used in Japanese design, a perforated wooden room divider is a great option that adds natural warmth to the bedroom. It can easily delineate the bedroom from the living space or home office next to it without blocking light. Simple floating wooden panels offer a more solid solution, while a screen inspired by Mediterranean style offers more artistry and visual flair.

Antique mirrored screen used as a room divider offers style and glitzy panache [From: Janet Paik]
Room divider in the contemporary master bedroom with floating panels [Design: Cornerstone Architects / Photography: Allison Cartwright]
Perforated screen between the bedroom and cozy sitting space [From: Distinctive Remodeling & Dustin Peck Photography]
Smart way to separate the master bedroom rom bath even while creating a workspace [From: Kimberley Seldon Design Group]
Room divider separates the bedroom from the living area in this New York micro-apartment [Design: Allen+Killcoyne Architects]

Storage and Display Space

Why waste the space in your already tiny urban apartment with a room divider that offers absolutely nothing? With space becoming a key aspect of contemporary apartment design, a series of storage units that act as a room divider make perfect sense. These minimal boxes can be stacked in any shape that you desire, and you can custom create such room dividers depending on your precise storage needs. From acting as a wonderful bookshelf or a lovely display to helping you hide away your entire wardrobe, these closet-style room dividers definitely offer value for the money!

Storage walls help delineate the bedroom from the open living area even while offering a space-savvy option [Design: Design + Develop]
Large wardrobe serves as a room divider between the attic bedroom and bathroom [Design: AR Design Studio Ltd]
Custom built room divider also offers ample wardrobe space [From: ras-a]

Utilize the Bed

Turning to the bed to draw some inspiration for your room divider is not a bad idea, and you can utilize either the foot of your bed or the headboard as the reference point. For some, there is a peaceful and efficient home office on the other side of the nifty divider, while others might want to walk into a relaxing bathroom with a standalone bathtub or even a Jacuzzi. An extended headboard that mimics the aesthetics of a half-wall and also hides a bookshelf is a popular choice, while resourceful DIY solutions can save dough and deliver exactly what you want. (Provided you have the skill and time to get the job done)

Plush headboard acts as a divider between the bedroom and the master bath [Design: Avocado Sweets Design Studio / Photography: Fisher Hart]
Craft your own room divider by taking the help of foot of your bed! [Design: The Brooklyn Home Company / Photography: Emily Gilbert Photography]
Replace the rigid wall between master bedroom and bath with a smart divider [From: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders / Matthew Millman]

Curtains and Glass

One of the reasons why we stayed away from sliding glass doors as room dividers is because they seem so cliché and obvious in the contemporary bedroom. But if you feel that only glass walls can give you the adequate privacy and tranquility in the bathroom or home office nestled within the bedroom, then do go down that path. Translucent glass frames and curtains offer far more cost-effective solutions that are easy to incorporate. At the end of the day, it is about what works best in your bedroom!

Curtains offer a simple and effective way to separate the bedroom from the living area [Design: Joan Heaton Architects]
Simple screen works as an efficient room divider in the rustic bedroom [Design: Chinc’s Workshop]
Frosted glass doors can replace room dividers for those who seek more privacy and tranquility [Design: Kristen Rivoli Interior Design]

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