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Newberg Residence: Exotic Green Escape Built Around a Man-Made Pond

On first glimpse, you might well assume that the snapshot of the amazing Newberg Residence is one of those picture-perfect screensavers or HD images that is too good to be true. But this spellbinding residence in Newberg, Oregon is indeed as astounding as its image suggests, with a man-made pond and a relaxing modern home in glass, wood and steel becoming one! Designed by Cutler Anderson Architect, this picturesque escape sits on an uncultivated lot inside the owner’s 88-acre vineyard. Blessed with captivating natural greenery and offering a magical window into the native flora and fauna, arriving here as a guest is a definite privilege!

Newberg Residence by Cutler Anderson Architect is a haven for nature lovers

The home was built around an already present man-made pond, and the effort was to ensure that the wild landscape was as undisturbed as possible both during and after the construction. The main 1,650-square-foot residence has a secluded entrance and contains the living area, kitchen, dining area and the master bedroom. The structure of the home itself is more casual in its ambiance, with Cor-ten steel and Douglas Fir being used to combine strength and durability with inviting warmth and minimal maintenance. A series of walkways around the house built over the pond connect it with both the landscape and the guest quarters.

Steel structure and wooden interior of the stunning natural retreat

Kitchen and dining area at the serene Newberg Residence

Glass walls of the home reflect the natural canopy around it

Front door of the main residential unit of the gorgeous Newberg Residence

Entry bridge over the pond leads to the guest room

Living room flows into the overgrown landscape and the manmade pond

The design of the house also maximizes natural ventilation and the views of the pond, even as smart insulation and radiant heating in the floors creates a comfortable living environment. Crafted to create seamless interaction between man and nature, this charming home is a great example of architecture responding to and accommodating the needs of the landscape. [Photography: Jeremy Bittermann]

Warm lighting creates an inviting, natural environment at the Newberg Residence

View of the manmade pond and the beautiful natural landscape from the bedroom

Entry to the exquisite green residence through stunning natural landscape

Natural pond with deck and a swimming platform

Original site of the home before its construction on the 88 acre vineyard

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