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Reused Shipping Container, Wood and Concrete Shape This Cozy Refuge in Brazil

A getaway that surrounds you with greenery beautiful views of Serra do Mar in the distance, the Bosque Refuge designed by Bruno Zaitter arquiteto is for those who wish to escape bright lights of big cities. This cool Brazilian cabin was crafted using a shipping container that has been recycled to create a comfy and cozy refuge. The entire cabin on the outside has been covered in wood while the additional spaces around the cabin have been made using concrete as the structural element. Large wooden decks extend the living area outside in a simple and elegant fashion while glass doors connect the living area with the vibrant natural beauty just outside.

Reused Shipping Container, wood and concrete cabin in Brazil

On the inside, the cabin is draped entirely in wood apart from the glass walls that bring in loads of natural light. Décor and decorating style feels both cozy and minimal and you have a bedroom that allows you to escape all your woes by taking you away from the usual and the mundane. Designed to have minimal environmental impact, the cabin feels like an extension of the landscape at times. Wood is the element that connects the interior with the outdoor spaces and views from the deck leave you spellbound. [Photography: Sergio Mendonça Jr. / Ale Carnieri / Bruno Zaitter]

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Deck and outdoors of the cabin draped in wood and surrounded by greenery
Gray drapes for the comfortable modern bedroom in wood
Small bathroom of the cabin with bathtub and shower area
Wood and glass bedroom of the cabin with wonderful view of the landscape around it
Bosque Refuge designed by Bruno Zaitter arquiteto

Wood is also used as the main finishing material. In the east facade, it is shown sovereign by boards of pinus pinned in the vertical direction. From the inner side, the wood leads the user to comfort by its natural texture on the floor, ceiling and furniture.

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Bosque Refuge in Brazil surrounded by greenery
Comfy bedroom with glass wall and smart decor
Cost-effective and eco-friendly cabin design in Brazil
Floor plan of Bosque Refuge by Bruno Zaitter arquiteto

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