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Brazilian-Modern: Poised Multi-Level Family Home in Sao Paulo

Influence by typical Paulista school of architecture and embracing Brazilian-modernism at its brilliant best, the Mattos House in Sao Paulo paints a picture of balanced contrasts. A FGMF Arquitetos design, the spacious house relies on multiple levels to create a breezy, relaxing and openresidence where every single level is connected with the outdoors. The fascinating journey into this beautiful house starts with the lowest level that holds the garage, entry and a lovely garden along with private spaces that are cleverly hidden from public view. Step above to the first floor and you will find the open dining area and kitchen that are once again connected with the garden.

Open living area and dining of the Brazilian area
Open living area and dining of the Brazilian area

It is the top level that houses the large living area which flows into the solarium and the pool deck outside. The arrangement of spaces is truly unique with emphasis being placed on a smart indoor-outdoor interplay where one complements the other. But the balance of elements does not end there with the solid concrete walls and flooring of the upper levels standing contrast to the seemingly weightless, glazed ground level!

Sparkling custom lighting fixture with 36 bright, individual pieces, a wooden dining table and other bespoke designs are combined with classic like the Eames Plywood Chair and Saarinen’s Womb couch to elevate the aura of the living area. Complete with a state-of-the-art home theater and lavish bedrooms, this Brazilian home wows at every turn! [Photography: Rafaela Netto]

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Concrete walls and dark ceiling of the Brazilian home
Concrete wall in the backdrop creates a neutral setting with texture
Custom lighting fixture for the double height dining room
Fabulous lighting fxture adds sparkle to the contemporary interior
Floating wooden cabinet in living room with midcentury style
Iconic midcentury modern decor brings class to the living room
Modern and refined living room with comfy decor
Multi-level interior of the Brazilian home

One of the main approaches was the structural and enclosure designs: the contrast between the intimate area’s heavy monolithic volume above and the social area’s light, glazed volume sectioned by the plateaux always seemed to us like a typical paulista school architecture solution, adequate to the location and the project’s necessities.

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Focussed lights illuminate the stairway leading to the top level
Ingenious lighting adds to the ambiance of the interior
Hallway and entrance lighting idea
In-ground lighting brings the landscape alive
Brazilian modern home with open ambiance
Cantilevered top structure sits lightly above the glazed lower level
Dark top level of the home with concrete wall
Glass walls give the structure visual lightiness
Glass walls of the lower level connect the interior with the garden outside

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