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Magic in the Air: Serene Traditional Decks Combine Greenery with Romantic Flair!

The idea of a spending time outside and relaxing on the deck as you overlook the landscape and its many sights and sounds is not one that is relegated to warmer summer months alone. In fact, autumn is one of the best times to observe nature at its vibrant best. Changing colors, migrating birds and ever-altering landscape make the next couple of months a visual treat. Sure the evenings can get chilly at times, but as long as you warmth of sunlight around, life on the deck seems pleasant; idyllic even. A gorgeous traditional deck with greenery around it makes these moments in life even more memorable!

Exquisite traditional deck of Milan home feels like the perfect romantic hangout [From: DC10 Architects]

A beautiful traditional deck comprises of many aspects and each one of us has our own preference. But the ones that feel most magical are those that create a relaxing and intimate setting and have that unexplainable ‘dreamy’ factor about them. Whether you wish to go all out and deck it with candles and lighting going down the romantic path or wish to spend a more laidback evening as you have a lovely conversation with friends and family, this is a look at the best ideas around from some of the biggest cities across the globe. The jungle is not all concrete after all!

Greenery All Around!

Nothing adds beauty to a deck like the scenery around it and if you are lucky enough to have a home in a wooded section of the city (or even one away from the big lights and in the mountains), then it is undoubtedly the lush green canopy that defines and shapes it. Greenery here does much more than just energize the space and provide freshness. It offers shade for those enjoying the deck and makes it a pleasant hangout even on hot summer days. Even if you your deck sits at the end of the garden, make sure that it is surrounded by plants and trees to turn the nook into a rejuvenating and private escape.

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Hills of San Francisco around the deck give it a tranquil vibe [From: Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build]
Spacious deck with a cozy meeting point at the end with greenery all around [From: A-List Builders]
Greenery all around the deck turns it into a stunning hangout full of serenity [From: Bonaventura Architect]

Space is Never a Constraint

The traditional deck is often imagined as one with ample space and clad in wood. But neither is always true with big cities forcing homeowners to embrace different styles. From the decks of industrial modern homes in Toronto to those with chic Parisian charm in the city of lights, the small traditional deck still is a showstopper when done right. Cut back on the seating options and keep things simple. A couple of chairs or a built-in bench with plush cushions is all you need here along with an outdoor coffee table that matches the style of the deck. Flowering plants and vines entwined with the railing do the rest!

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Traditional deck of Boston home matches with the style of the home perfectly [From: Carpenter & MacNeille / Michael J. Lee Photography]
Traditional Scandinavian style deck of Paris home feels magical indeed! [From: Maison Keeze]
Flowering plants and wooden deck transform the roof into a beautiful hangout [From: Laura Garner Design & Realty]
Rustic beauty and greenery coupled with a few chairs can do the trick with ease! [From: Codebò Vergnano]

When Other Styles take a Tiny Peek

Your planned deck need not be strictly ‘traditional’ in its style and you can incorporate a dash of local flavor or any other style you fancy into the overall scheme of things. Décor in bamboo and rattan for the deck along with darker strains of wood for the deck itself can usher in a tropical flavor. It becomes even more vibrant as you already are enveloping the deck in a layer of green! Scandinavian, modern and rustic are other styles that can be easily combined with traditional elements to deliver the best of both worlds.

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Gorgeous backyard hangout with wooden pergola and greenery all around [From: Reveal Design]
Modernity coupled with traditional and Scandinavian styles in the deck with ample light [From: Alberto García]
Tropical style coupled with traditional motifs inside the covered deck of Paris home [From: Jours & Nuits]
Bringing greenery to the urban traditional deck with flair

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