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Beautiful Blocks of Color Bring Personality to Smart Barcelona Apartment

Call it color blocking or simply the creative use of bold color to enliven a distinctly neutral space; this lovely apartment in Barcelona dubbed ‘The Furnished Void’ definitely makes a big visual impact. Completely renovated and revamped by Egue y Seta, the new apartment reflects the personality of its residents perfectly, even while maximizing space and creating a cheerful and vivacious interior. It is bright wall art, a media unit in bold red and a bookcase with sleek floating shelves that capture your attention in the living area, with a splash of yellow thrown in as well!

Colorful living room of renovated private residence in Barcelona

The apartment seems a lot more spacious, thanks to the flood of natural light coupled with smart ambient lighting and lovely pendants. Every corner in the room is evenly lit to drive away any sense of darkness, while the all-white backdrop disturbed by bold blocks of color keeps visual fragmentation down to a minimum. We also adore the way the small, all-white kitchen captivates with its unique ‘yellow block’ that involves a part of the wall-mounted cabinet and the tiled backsplash. Open shelves also turn the brightly colored and stainless steel kitchenware into decorative pieces that play into the overall narrative.

Bright red entertainment unit and Tv stand complements the bold art work perfectly

Sleek bookshelf with floating shelves that save space

Small home workspace with ample natural light and glas desk

Original framed prints add distinct style to the living space

Tiny dining room idea for the small modern apartment

Bright, metallic pendant and window enliven the small dining space

A nifty workspace, a cozy bedroom that follows the style template set in the living room, and an ultra-tiny dining area complete the light-filled interior that moves away from the mundane. Combining comfort, color, contrast and trendy design elements, this revitalized Barcelona apartment puts a smile on your face! [Photography: VICUGO FOTO]

Fun way of adding yellow radiance to the small, white kitchen

Kitchenware adds color to the all-white kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen create an airy ambiance and double as lovely display in the small space

Under cabinet LED strip lightinga nd tiled backdrop for the small kitchen in white

Blocks of bold color give the smart interior a fun, playful appeal

Playful way of adding color to the neutral, contemporary bedroom

Floor plan of the renovated Barcelona apartment

Sherry Nothingam
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