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Custom Furniture Enlivens a World of White: Refurbished Apartment in Belgrade

The idea of a crisp, white backdrop, an interior that is flooded with natural light, and modern décor that combines sleek aesthetics with smart functionality – is often the urban apartment that many of us dream about. Bringing this idyllic image to life is Studio AUTORI, who refurbished a smart 80-square-meter apartment in Belgrade into a chic, contemporary hub. Painting a picture of style and serenity, Katarina & Igor’s Home reflects the taste of a young couple and the way they envision their new future.

80 smq apartment refurbished for a young couple in Belgrade

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An open plan living area that contains the dining space at one end and the kitchen on the other is the heart of this new and improved apartment. One of the striking features of this refined apartment is the way in which every little detail has been carefully thought about and placed to create a curated yet casual living environment. Despite the backdrop being white, it is additions like the patterned rugs, accent cushions, kitchen cabinets and pendant lights that add intrigue and contrast. There is never a dull moment here, with custom furniture from the architects offering both space-saving convenience and a hint of quirky charm.

Katarina & Igor’s Home in Belgrade

Custom kitchen island and decor for the apartment designed by Studio AUTORI

Custom kitchen shelf with modern industrial flair

Open living area and kitchen of the modern apartment in Belgrade

Cool furniture for the contemporary apartment

Dining room with sliding glass doors and drapes that seperate it from the private spaces

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Home study and dining room of the contemporary apartment with smart decor

Light-filled and elegant home office with sliding glass doors

Custom furniture and open shelves for the contemporary home office

Complementing this lineup of bespoke décor is vintage and reclaimed furniture, along with smart lighting fixtures from FLOS that completely alter the ambiance of this once dreary apartment. Polished concrete flooring adds another unique texture to this polished environment, even as the minimal bedroom and bathroom present an image of tranquility. [Photography: Relja Ivanic]

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Smart bedroom design with small bedside stand and artwork

Smart bedroom in neutral hues with modest workspace

Minimal bedroom wardrobe design in white

Artwork casually placed on the floor next to the bed gives the room a classy vibe

Bedroom workstation that saves space and offers nifty functionality

Exquisite bathroom in black and white with geometric charm

Minimal sink and vanity design with mirror above it

Modern lighting coupled with custom decor inisde the cool apartment in Belgrade

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