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Modern Classic: Cheerful Recycled Brick Extension of North London Home

A balance between the old and the new is one that is hard to achieve. In a city that values tradition as much as it embraces a global cosmopolitan vibe like London, combining the new with the old makes perfect sense. And that is just what you get with the gorgeous Ogee House with an extension and renovation that blends modern interiors with an old world sheen! Designed by Bradley Van Der Straeten, this smart project utilizes recycled brick to add an extension to existing North London Residence that holds a spacious eat-in kitchen. The kitchen with banquette-styled dining area is the social zone and the heart of the house and connects the interior with the modest garden outside.

Glass doors swing open to connect the new kitchen with the garden area outside

The kitchen embraces a wood and white color palette with custom oak décor and cabinets making a big impression. A white backsplash and sleek floating shelves bring balance to this woodsy space even as the curved ceiling above adds something unique to the setting. A skylight above the dining space fills the kitchen with a flood of natural light while large glass doors swing open to blur traditional indoor-outdoor boundaries. At the heart of this new addition is a versatile kitchen island in wood with white Corian countertop while the benches in the corner offer extra storage space.

Oak interiors along with white create a trendy and modern kitchen inside the London home
Skylight and glass doors for the modern eat-in kitchen to create a more cheerful, well-lit environment
Smart white and wood modern kitchen of the Ogee House in North London
White and wood kitchen palette is quickly becoming a modern favorite that you just cannot miss
Banquette style seating for the dining area under the skylight
Banquette style seating for the dining area under the skylight
Curved ceiling with skylight for the extended eat-in kitchen of London home

Cheerful and exquisite, the extension provides an outlet to the homeowners and does so without breaking away drastically from the aesthetics of the existing home. A perfect and seamless addition indeed! [Photography: French + Tye]

Custom wooden benches for the banquette-styled dining space inside the new kitchen
Floating shelves and closed cabinets combine to shape an efficient modern kitchen in white and wood
Recycled brick and oak extension of classic home in North London with a modern classic look
North London home extension that blends in with the visual appeal of the original classic home
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