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How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Hosting

Preparing your home for holiday entertaining can be stressful. With so many things to do, you might need help figuring out where to start. To make it easier, we’re sharing a helpful to-do list for holiday preparation. Once you look through it, the process will seem much more straightforward and manageable.

Plan well ahead

Preparing for holiday entertainment is a process that takes time. It’s better to plan ahead to avoid the stress that comes with last-minute preparations. Get started weeks before the holidays and create a timeline that works for you. 

Schedule all your decorating, gift shopping, and cleaning for the upcoming days to ensure you accomplish everything. When you have a clear plan, you won’t feel so stressed by the burden of those tasks. 

Also, remember to do meal prepping so you can spend more time with your family during the holidays. Prepare any ingredients you can beforehand, and store them in the freezer until they’re needed.

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Decluttering not only gives your Christmas decorations a fresh setting but also makes it easier for you to clean after the holidays. Find a place for every item that clutters your home, and donate the things you don’t use anymore. Make sure there’s enough space for guests’ coats and shoes in your entryway.

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Deep cleaning

While you can make up the guest room a few days before the holidays, it’s better to perform a deep cleaning of the rest of the house ahead of time. Tidy up your kitchen cabinets and eliminate any clutter to make cleaning after the holiday parties easier. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and inviting as well!

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When your home is clean and clutter-free, it is time to set up those Christmas decorations. Start from the front door, and work your way inside. A luscious holiday wreath will wish your guests a warm welcome, setting the holiday mood. 

You don’t have to decorate the whole home. Instead, enhance your year-round decor with holiday-inspired objects. Decorate the main spaces where the holiday entertainment takes place, such as the living and dining rooms. Remember to add string lights to bring that pleasant ambiance and set the mood for your holiday parties.

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Prepare the guest bedroom 

If you last hosted guests a while ago, now is an excellent time to update your guest bedroom. In addition to cleaning, you should go a step further and add a welcoming basket for your guests. The simple arrangement can include basic toiletries, clean towels, snacks, coffee, or other things that suit your guests’ preferences. 

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Grocery shopping

A well-stocked pantry is a must for the holidays, as it saves you from last-minute shopping. You don’t want to run out to crowded stores just because you need a couple of ingredients. Buy food in bulk to save money while providing plenty of food for your guests. You can also freeze fruits, vegetables, and meat ahead of the holidays. 

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