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This Posh Austin Condo Features a Dining Table that Morphs into Pool Table!

Built to cater to the specific needs of a family of four, W Residence in Downtown Austin is unique in more ways than one. A dashing, dynamic and custom interior crafted by Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture with the help of Cravotta Interiors, this exquisite 3,150-square foot condo is now home to a family who previously enjoyed the tranquility and easy-paced life of suburban Austin. The move to a more bustling, urban neighborhood meant that the new interior needed to be a calming and convenient refuge that took them away from the constant rush of city life even while showcasing the glittering skyline of Austin!

Large glass windows of the living room offer unabated view of the city skyline

An open living area was chosen as the central feature of the condo with a plush gray couch and comfortable armchairs offering the homeowners unabated view of the cityscape. Large glass windows not only frame the view outside, but also bring in plenty of natural light and ensure that there is never a dull moment indoors. But it is the dining room / billiards room that ends up stealing the spotlight with its dazzling metallic chandelier and custom table – two creations which effortlessly morph into convertible billiards light and pool table when needed! Adding sheen to this multi-functional space is a steel and glass partition that elegantly delineates it from the bedroom and private areas.

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View of the multi-functional dining room from the living area
Closer look at the custom coffee table crafted for the W Residence in Austin
Decorating the interiors in a refined and minimal fashion gives it a more spacious appeal
Living room with a comfortable gray couch and a custom coffee table
Modern kitchen with a funky, multi-colored backsplash
Dining table transformed into the pool table with chandelier above that also morphs
Multi-tasking dining room with a dining table and chandelier that transform into pool table lighting and pool table
Steel and glass delineating wall in the backdrop steals the show

Wood and steel elements have been carefully intertwined with the posh, polished backdrop of the condo with white and shades of gray dominating the color palette in the living area and the bedrooms. A beautiful, multi-colored backsplash in the state-of-the-art kitchen and a space-savvy home office with a wall of slim, floating shelves put the final touches on this unique and exclusive Texas condo. [Photography: Ryann Ford]

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Slim floating shelves for the modern kitchen
Adding indoor plants to neutral, contemporary bedroom
Gorgeous master bedroom with a view of Austin skyline
Polished bedroom in white and gray with a cool, space-savvy nightstand
Well-lit girls’ bedroom in white stays away from an overload of pink
Modern home office with slim, wall-mounted shelves
Home office shelving idea offers ample storage and display space
Golden glint of the mirror frame brings sparkle to the dark powder room
Contemporary bathroom draped in wood and marble with stunning views of downtown Austin and beyond

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