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20 Chic Nursery Ideas for Those Who Adore Striped Walls

If you have spent any amount of time around little ones, you will immediately realize that the hardest thing to accomplish is to hold their attention for any considerable period of time. Constantly seeking out new sights, sounds and experiences, even experts agree that a mundane and static room could bore a kid within a few days. This obviously means designing a gorgeous nursery that is both soothing and interesting at the same time is a challenge that requires creativity and continuous improvisation. It is in this setting that striped walls become a huge plus, as they bring color, contrast, pattern and a whole lot more.

Striped walls in the nursery can range from the exotic and exciting to the simple and elegant. Irrespective of which path you wish to take, they offer you a wide array of choices in design, size and color, allowing you to come up with endless combinations. And the best part is that a carefully planned nursery with stripes will grow along with your baby boy or girl and evolve into a cool kids’ and teen room as well.

Bright and Bold

While babies might not recognize all the individual colors in the first few months, soon it will be the brighter and bolder hues that will hold their attention. While too much color is never advisable in a nursery, a lovely striped wall featuring bright yellow, blue, red or even green stripes makes a huge difference to the overall ambiance. Obviously one can couple the bright stripes with those in simple, muted hues to create that contrast that your bay will be drawn to. Whether you want to use just a couple of striped walls or wish to extend them throughout the room depends on size of the nursery, chosen style and your own design sensibilities.

Fun and bright nursery design for the baby girl [Design: Imagine Home Staging and Design]
Striped accent wall brings refinement to the contemporary nursery [Design: Meredith Heron Design]
Cheerful nursery with bright yellow and white stripes on the wall [Design: CM Glover]
Nautical-themed contemporary nursery in blue and orange [Design: Bravo Interior Design]
Vertical stripes give visual height to a nursery with low roof [Design: Oakwood Homes]

Creative Alternatives

For some reason, it is always the horizontal stripes that seem to be more popular than their vertical cousins in most modern homes. But do not underestimate the value of cool, vertical stripes in a nursery where space is limited. These stripes give the room a more roomy appeal visually, and they also create a beautiful focal point when used as an accent feature. But for those who want to go well beyond the walls, a striped ceiling is another fun option, and considering the amount of time your kid would be spending looking at the ceiling, this is definitely a practical substitute to the striped wall.

Creative nursery in green, navy blue and white [From: Bellini Baby and Teen Furniture]
Ingenious and exciting way to add stripes to the nursery [Design: Karen B Wolf Interiors]
Lovely gold stripes make a big impact in the white nursery [Design: Fox Design Studio]
Beach style nursery with striped ceiling [Design: Erinn V Design Group]
Striped additions make perfect sense in the nautical themed nursery [Design: Robson Homes]

Striped Feature Wall

The striped feature wall is a popular addition that is often used in living rooms and bedrooms, and its charismatic appeal should hold sway in the nursery as well. In the case of the accent wall, keeping the other walls in the nursery as neutral as possible allows it to make the most impact. Also, the choice for the accent wall should be determined by the placement of the crib, as there is little point in having a fun, colorful feature that your little one barely gets to look at! A safe choice that never fails, the snazzy striped feature wall can be used even in the smallest of nurseries.

Combine colorful stripes to create a striking feature wall [Design: Jodie Rosen Design]
Gray and white nursery with a hint of pink [Design: KJ Design Works]
Oversized floor lamp makes a big visual statement in the eclectic nursery [Design: Lucy and Company]
A less obvious way to use stripes in the contemporary nursery [Design: Stylecraft Builders]
Small nursery design with striped accent wall [Design: Steele Consulting Group]

A Neutral Affair!

No, we are not alluding to gender neutral nursery designs here. This is all about using cool neutral colors to shape even the accent wall in the modern nursery. While this might seem a bit too bland right now, this gives you a chance to use the nursery also as a guest space or shared kids’ room. Subtle color differences or even a change in tone of same color is all you need here, and this provides you with a neutral yet exciting backdrop that lets the colorful artwork, décor and toys in the room shine through.

Cool stripes look great in the girls’ nursery as well [Design: Hunter Studio]
Fabulous baby room combines chevron pattern with simple stripes [Design: OPaL / P Four]
Gray and white striped accent wall is a popular choice in the gender neutral nursery [Design: How Joyful Design Studio]
Use stripes in same hue but with different tones to create a stylish look [Design: Cory Connor Designs]
Elegant nursery for a baby boy with striped feature wall [From: Nessa Dee]

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