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Multi-Level Goodness: Modern Home with a Dash of Mediterranean Dazzle

Simple, modern and yet filled with an air of eccentric Mediterranean charm, House in Dragalevtsi in Sofia, Bulgaria showcases a style of its own. Designed by Fimera Design Studio, the smart home relies on a series of levels to fashion an interior where one room flows into the next effortlessly. With a simple change in height of the level, the living area stands out from the foyer on one side and the dining area and kitchen on the other. Small staircases connect these various levels, and a neutral color scheme ensures that there is a sense of continuity despite the clear demarcation of individual spaces.

Entrance to the contemporary home in Dragalevtsi, Sofia

The small living area with its textured wall, cozy fireplace and colorful, Moroccan-style lighting fixtures feels both inviting and modern. With a comfy seat next to the fireplace and a plush couch on the opposite side of the room, the living room acts as a transitional zone between the foyer, the dining area and beyond. The family area that also doubles as a smart study space is filled with open bookshelves, while the dining room has a more formal appeal with its gray and white color scheme. Wooden décor with classic, Midcentury appeal brings another layer of intrigue to a home that seems to delve into a variety of styles!

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Breezy and modern living room with smart fireplace and colorful lighting

Chic contemporary coffee tables in black and colorful pendant lighting for the lighting

Sitting room next to the living area also acts as the TV room

Fabulous track lights and LED lighting for the living and family room

Cozy reading zone next to the bookshelf with the Eames Lounger

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Staircase connects various levels and rooms of the house in a stylish fashion

Spacious and relaxing bedrooms along with a contemporary bathroom complete this unique and beautiful Bulgarian home where simplicity, a confluence of styles and practical design find a way to coexist…

Glass pendant lights for the contemporary dining room

Contemporary kitchen in white and wood

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Modern bedroom in greenish-gray and white with minimal style

Corner bathrub idea for the luxurious master suite

Textured walls, drapes and wooden floor usher in ample contrast in the modern bathroom

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