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Space-Savvy Italian Home Delights with a Nifty Mezzanine-Level Bedroom

Remodeling an old home into a modern delight that meets the needs of its contemporary owners is a hard task in itself. But this becomes even more challenging when you have to incorporate space-savvy features and smart storage options that make the most of every inch on offer. Nestled in in Cagliari, Italy, this stylish, unique and charming modern home was redone by Mauro & Matteo Soddu from Tramas & STUDIOTAMAT to ensure that there is never a dull moment for those residing here! The floor plan of the revamped interior utilizes the vertical space on offer to the hilt by adding a mezzanine-level bedroom and study that enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Contemporary Italian home with mezzanine level bedroom and study

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It is easy to see the many space-saving additions inside this cheerful and light-filled home. The standalone kitchen unit and workstation (sitting under the stairway), the small living area and the multitude of nifty cabinets give the lower-level living area a breezy ambiance. The dining room sits at the heart of this floor and offers a glimpse of the mezzanine-level bedroom above. The blue cabinets of the kitchen and the dark, black workstation add color to the space, even as the custom wall mural in the living area and the bedroom above usher in pattern and panache.

14 Cobalto by Mauro & Matteo Soddu

Contemporary home with colorful walls in blue

Delightful and vivacious modern home in Cagliari, Italy

Light blue walls in the dining room create a sense of relaxed spaciousness

Modern home remodel maximizes space with ease

Smart modern kitchen station with cabinets in blue and a black countertop

View of the mezzanine level of the home from the dining area

A picture wall for the modern dining room

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A blue and white color scheme, mirrored walls and contemporary style completely alter the home that now welcomes you gleefully! A sensational bathroom in red with a polished floor and textured walls completes this exquisite Italian residence. [Photography: Cédric Dasesson]

Double height dining room with a gorgeous living room next to it

Mezzanine level bedroom and sitting area of the small Italian home

Mezzanine level bedroom of the Italian home

Custom wall mural in the bedroom adds both color and patterm

Stunning contemporary bathroom in bright red

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Red floor and walls in the bathroom present contrasting textures

Floor plan of remodeled Italian home with smart mezzanine level

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