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Concrete, Wood and Metal Beams: Multi-Level Hilltop Residence in Austin

Perched atop one of the tallest point in the city and offering a bird’s eyeview of Austin, the Paramount Residence was designed by A Parallel Architecture keeping in mind the special requirements of the lot. The house has been partially sunk into the ground to meet with local construction norms even as sunken garages and lower level give the home much needed additional room. The lowest level has been built using concrete with an additional concrete plinth supporting the house. This gives it a reliable base with upper levels being crafted using wood, steel and glass. The residence feels modern with a touch of inimitable Austin charm all around!

Contemporary hilltop house in Austin that is partially sunk into the ground

Each level of the house offers something unique with the top most floor containing the master bedroom and other private spaces. It is the lowest level that holds the public areas and additional guest rooms while the mechanical and utility rooms are placed in an intermediate floor. There is no shortage of natural light inside the house with complete access to the rear yard from multiple levels. Additions like the live-edge dining table and sculptural pendant lights add even more class to a spacious Texas house that is exceptional and inviting. [Photography: Topher Ayrhart]

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Heavy concrete walls on the lowest level offer the multi-level building a great base
Lavish deck overlooking the lovely landscape and ample greenery
Live-edge dining table for the contemporary home in Austin
Metallic beams and wood create a cozy bedroom with many windows and glass walls
Stairway on the upper level leading straight to the yard
Wooden ceiling of the bathroom steals the show instantly

The tectonic design reinforces this vertical procession, starting with a heavy concrete plinth that retains earth at the sunken garage and becomes the foundation, exposed steel wide-flange beams which support the heavy loads of the second story and roof deck, and cantilevered glulam beams at the high roof, that taper up to the sky and orient this level to its primary downtown view.

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Wooden slats and steel beams shape a gorgeous home on the outside
Contemporary kitchen with multiple islands and flooring in wood
Curated landscape around the Paramount Residence
Gorgeous and relaxing bathroom in white with dark floor and wood ceiling
Ground level floor plan of the Paramount Residence in Austin

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