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Moooi in “Rebellious Harmony” at Milan’s Salone del Mobile

Dutch design venture Moooi’s new collection presentation at the latest Salone del Mobile in Milan was a spectacular and theatrical design opus. In typical Moooi fashion, the brand created a surreal world of fantasy and illusion, with a stirring and captivating display of art, design and craft. Read more about “The Beautiful World of Moooi” here.

Rebellious Harmony

The paradoxical theme “Rebellious Harmony” typified the elements of Moooi’s 2016 Milan setting. Indeed “Rebellious Harmony” perfectly encapsulates the values of the fifteen-year-old Dutch brand. As an expression of Moooi’s core beliefs, its CEO Robin Bevers explained: “At Moooi, we strive to embrace the polarity between creativity and business, between chaos and order.” At the centre of its Milan spectacular, Moooi showcased a new collection of twenty two pieces, each placed on pedestals in varied configurations and set within the inky darkness of an enticing ballroom.

Charleston on Polar Byzantine

Moooi’s new collection at Salone del Mobile 2016.

Spreading out from this core, a number of passageways led to fourteen enchanting home settings, all of which gave shape to a creative world of rebellion and harmony. New Signature Carpets and broadloom wall-to-wall creations added depth and character to the surroundings, their vibrant patterns and images the result of high-resolution printing technology.

Milan Moooi setting

Moooi partnered with British art photographer Rebecca Bathory, whose immense prints of both “lost and illicit worlds” added a sense of poetic melancholy and drama to the differing interior scenes. Bathory’s works are romantic and wistful, their industrial and decaying edge complementing Moooi’s vivacious designs. In the creation of its new furniture, lighting and carpet designs, Moooi worked with an eclectic assemblage of seventeen emerging and established designers, including Arihiro Miyake, Edward van VlietKlaus Haapaniemi, Lorenza BozzoliMarcel WandersNoortje van EekelenPaul CocksedgeRick TegelaarUmut Yamac and Valerio Sommella.

Perch Lights against Rebecca Bathory print

Perch Lights by Umut Yamac with a print by Rebecca Bathory.

A selection of Moooi’s new lighting, furniture and carpet designs:

New Lighting

Marcel Wanders designed the dazzling “Spaceframe Floor” light, a rotating and fluid “satellite of light” that balances on a wood tripod.

Spaceframe Floor light

The “Coppélia Small” by Arihiro Miyake is composed of an intricate yet graceful, almost whirling and dance-like, form.

Coppélia Small

Coppélia Small and Spaceframe Floor lights

Coppélia Small and Spaceframe Floor lights.

Embracing the joys of a springtime morn, Umut Yamac designed the “Perch Lights” as a celebration of the beauty and poise with which a bird perches upon a branch.

Perch lights

Perch Lights in Moooi setting

The “Filigree Floor” lamp by Rick Tegelaar projects light onto a wall or a ceiling, its filigree wire structure generating playful shadows.

Filigree Floor lamp

Filigree Floor lamps in Moooi setting

Filigree Floor lamps with the “Delft Blue Plate” carpet by Marcel Wanders.

New Furniture

The “Amami” sofa by Lorenza Bozzoli is plush and plump. With a delicate and dashing fringe, the sofa has a somewhat ebullient expression.

Amami sofa

One might dance the Charleston with this lively sofa of the same name by Marcel Wanders. In true Wanders fashion, the “Charleston” is curious and deliciously disconcerting.

Charleston sofa

On the “Direttore” bookshelf designed by Paul Cocksedge, books lean in a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” style, appearing to defy the Laws Of Physics. The Direttore is inspired by the Memphis Movement and Ettore Sottsass.

Direttore bookshelf

Paul Cocksedge’s “Compression” sofa has two counterparts: one crafted in lavish Carrara marble, the other in modest foam.

Compression sofa marble

Compression in Carrara marble.

Compression sofa foam

Compression in foam.

Compression sofa in Moooi setting

The Compression sofa in Carrara marble weighs in at six tons.

New Carpet Designs

“Fool Paradise” by Marcel Wanders depicts decaying blooms with a darkly joyless air.

Fool Paradise

Fool Paradise in Moooi setting

Noortje van Eekelen explores our modern-day penchant for emoticons in “Dazzling Dialogues”.

Dazzling Dialogues

Dazzling Dialogues in Moooi setting

“Dutch Sky” by Edward van Vliet is an amalgamation of east, west and Dutch delftware imagery.

Dutch Sky

Dutch Sky in Moooi setting

Finnish artist and designer Klaus Haapaniemi’s “Polar Byzantine” design presents an enthralling “frosty fairy-tale fantasy”, inspired by an original story from the author Rosa Liksom.

Polar Byzantine

Take a virtual tour of Moooi’s Salone del Mobile presentation here.

All images  © 2016 Moooi B.V.

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