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Modern Writer’s Retreat in Brazil Offers Solitude Draped in Stone and Glass

The art of writing is not very easy; even if you are not someone who intends to churn out Pulitzer winning pieces. It requires plenty of time, concentration and you do need solitude to bring out your best. That is why writer’s etreat and rooms are much harder to design than your regular spaces where acoustics are far less important. Nestled on a small green lot in Petropolis, Brazil, this gorgeous Writer’s Retreat designed by Architectare is one that seems as charming as any other modern home. Clad largely in stone and glass on the outside and with warmth of wood enlivening the interiors, this is an escape that blends luxury with privacy and plenty of textural contrast.

Contemporary writer’s retreat in brazil takes you into refuge of nature even as it offers modern comfort

The Writer’s Retreat contains within it a bedroom, pantry and kitchen along with a small open living area. The bedroom is where all the work gets done as a slim desk in wood that is placed against a natural stone wall acts as the workstation. The bedroom is contemporary and luxurious despite the presence of the lovely stone walls and a ceiling and floor draped in wood. Sliding glass doors connect the interior to the balcony outside and this allows those inside to take in the many sights and sounds of the forest without ever having to step out.

Protected entry to the writer’s escape promises solitude and ample greenery behind it
Relaxing retreat bedroom in wood and stone offers unabated views of the landscape
Simple floating wooden desk set against stone walls inside the bedroom
Sliding glass walls bring nature into the bedroom with ease
Understated front facade of the writer’s studio borrows from the design of a cave

What we love the most inside this cabin is the wonderful blend of textures that are varied and yet seem to complement one another. Stone walls bring rustic elegance to the escape, wood adds warmth to the spaces and glass walls paint a picture of modernity. [Photography: Leonardo Finotti]

Bedroom of the retreat with stone walls, sliding glass doors and wooden flooring
Plan of the contemporary writer’s retreat in Brazil
Floor plan of the Writer’s Retreat in Brazil with a modern design
Design plan of the glass and stone writer’s retreat in Brazil with eco-friendly layout

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