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Bright and Breezy: Modern Seattle Home with Dashing Mid-Century Accents

Giving an old home in Madrona a cheerful, light-infused and modern revamp Heidi Caillier Design altered the ambiance and the style of this charming Seattle home. As with most modern homes, the backdrop is kept strictly neutral with white painting a picture of refinement and serenity. It is this blank canvas that has been used creatively to combine comfortable modern décor, carefully selected Mid-century accents and a few curated woodsy furniture pieces. The result is a smart, inviting and chic home where functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.

Midcentury modern living room of the Seattle home

The most striking feature of the house is the wonderful use of various bright colors which add another layer of intrigue to the overall setting. A bright blue couch, live-edge coffee table and pops of light pink welcome you in the living room. A midcentury side table with distressed finish sits in the corner while the fireplace blends into the white backdrop seamlessly. Additional seating options come in the form of a comfy gray lounger and twin armchairs that once again borrow heavily from midcentury design.

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Live-edge coffee table, blue couch and a chic rug shape the stylish living room
Living room in white with midcentury accents, comfy lounger and a chic rug
Relaxing family room with decor in pastel hues
Subtle pattern and a flood of natural lighting shapes a cool reading nook
Luxurious seating and colorful rug create a cozy, charming dining room
Colorful rug and geo pendants for the shabby chic dining room

As you head inside you will come across both the formal dining room with its more stoic presence and the informal dining space with sofa style seating, geo style pendant lighting and plenty of warmth. The layered approach to decorating can be found here as well with yellow, purple, blue and shades of pastel pink making an appearance throughout the residence. Relaxing, modern and yet gracefully timeless, this Seattle home has it all!

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Formal dining room with lovely coffered ceiling
Cheerful and spacious home office in white with pops of blue
Exquisite live-edge coffee table for modern living room
Midcentury modern side table with table lamp and decorative piece
Floor tiles add pattern to the bathroom without altering the color scheme

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