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30 Live-Edge Coffee Tables That Transform the Living Room

Picking a coffee table for the living room is a choice that is largely defined by the style of the space, the available room, the décor that your choose for the rest of the living area, and of course, functionality. Few coffee tables cut across the usual style and ergonomic barriers and fit in effortlessly with almost any living room that you can imagine. Natural and beautiful, the live-edge coffee table is one such delight that seems as much at home in polished, contemporary homes as it does in rustic holiday cabins and beautiful beach-style retreats.

Sophisticated contemporary living room with a smart live-edge coffee table [Design: Dillard Pierce Design Associates]

Live-edge coffee tables also bring along with them a certain sense of uniqueness, and if you are lucky enough to have a live-edge dining table that is part of the living room visual, then it seems even more appealing! Bringing balance and warmth to the living room on some occasions and offering contrast and creative dazzle at others, here is a roundup of the best live-edge coffee tables around.

Elegant Contemporary Spaces

Adding an element of natural wood to the sophisticated contemporary living room completely alters its vibe and creates a cozier and more inviting setting. Since most contemporary and modern living rooms are dominated by glass, stone and other glossy surfaces, the mere presence of wood in the form a live-edge coffee table makes a big difference. This impact is amplified, as the coffee table sits at the heart of the living room and is something you simply cannot miss!

Gray living room with stylish gallery wall and live edge coffee table [From: Meghan Carter Design / Stephani Buchman Photography]
Slice from a tree trunk turned into a cool coffee table [Design: Margaret Donaldson Interiors]
Ultra-sleek natural coffee table for the minimal, contemporary living room [From: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography]
Contemporary living room in white live edge coffee table [Design: Workshop/APD]

We often talk about repeating a certain accent color or even a unique texture inside a room to give it a more coherent and curated look. But when it comes to live-edge décor, this is not an absolute must, and you can use a natural-edge coffee table as an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece that adds something truly exceptional to the contemporary living area.

Lovely live edge coffee table stands out instantly in the modern living room [From: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers / Ken Fischer Photography]
Posh contemporary living room with natural wood coffee table [Design: MB Jessee]
Small, round live-edge coffee table [Design: Sigmar]
Contemporary living room with neutral color palette and live edge coffee table [Design: Jeff Hill Contracting]
Custom crafted coffee table using a natural slab of wood [From: Janet Brooks Design]

A Natural, Organic Vibe

While darker wood tones bring an air of urbane class to modern living rooms, live-edge coffee tables in lighter tones add a breezy, organic vibe that is simply unmatched. These gorgeous coffee tables can also be used in the light-filled family room and relaxing sunroom with ease, and coupled with a neutral color scheme and matching décor in natural fiber and wood, they look simply outstanding. Giving your serene living room a stylish focal point, the live-edge coffee table here anchors the space and gives it a trendy upgrade.

Breezy mid-century living room with decor that exudes a natural vibe [From: Lincoln Barbour Photography]
Farmhouse living room with brick wall and live edge coffee table [Design: Domus Nova]
Live edge coffee table seems to almost blend into the rustic backdrop [Design: Habitat Architecture]
Spacious modern living room with two live edge coffee table [From: Dirk Denison Architects / David Matheson Photography]
Beach style living room with an organic vibe [Design: Andrew Howard Interior Design]

Pick Your Style!

We did talk earlier about how the live-edge coffee table blends in with pretty much any style that you have going in the living room. But it is still important to understand exactly what works best in your living space depending on available space and the color palette. Live-edge tables in darker tones generally fit in better with modern interiors where the neutral backdrop gives them an opportunity to shine through. In rustic, farmhouse or traditional living rooms, it is best to pick a slab of wood that has already been used in the room to paint a more lucid picture. A glittering metallic base coupled with a wooden top is the way forward in industrial or even mid-century living rooms.

Beach and rustic styles rolled into one [Design: RemWhirl Architecture & Landscape Design]
Eclectic living room with custom live edge coffee table [Design: Urbanspace Interiors]
Exquisite eclectic living room with pops of bright color and a dashing coffee table [From: Ana Donohue Interiors / Michael J. Lee photography]
Large rustic living room with comfy decor and natural edge coffee table [Design: Decorative Painting & Plastering Concepts]
Rustic living room with fabulous live edge table behind the couch [Design: Locati Architects / Roger Wade Studio]
Asian styled living room with large live edge coffee table [Design: Indivar Sivanathan]

Creative Custom Solutions

If you cannot find a live-edge coffee table that meets your decorating needs, it is best to think about custom solutions. Turn to your local craftsman and get creative with the coffee table design! All you need is a natural slab of timber that you are in love with, and there are times when you can even craft one in your own garage. Crafting your very own DIY live-edge coffee table is easier than it sounds, and you can also proudly showcase your improved DIY skills, as the bespoke table sits at the heart of your fabulous living room.

Bookshelf adds color to the elegant living room [Design: Emerick Architects]
Natural live edge coffee table becomes the heart of this stylish modern living room [Design: SchappacherWhite Architecture]
Salvaged live edge slab turned into a gorgeous coffee table [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Twin live edge coffee tables for the contemporary living room in white [Design: Gabellini Sheppard Associates]
Add live edge beauty to your living room with a trendy coffee table [Design: Abodwell Interior Design- Brittney Fischbeck]

Beyond the Coffee Table

We did promise you a glimpse into the world of live-edge coffee tables, but there are other fun and ingenious ways in which you add the beauty of live-edge wood to your living room. Floating shelves offer the easiest and the most practical option, and they do showcase the brilliance of ‘live edge’ at its unmatchable best. From sleek shelves that are part of the living space entertainment unit to the slim mantel above the fireplace that comes alive each festive season, these smart additions can also complement your natural-edge coffee table.

Live edge walnut shelf below the TV [Design: Raad Studio]
Live-edge coffee table complements the natural dining table next to it [Design: Soesthetic group]
Transitional living room with a cool live-edge fireplace mantle [From: Austin Realty Photos]
Live edge shelves and mantle transform this contemporary living room [Design: Live Edge Design]

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