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Green Features and Stunning Design Bring Opulence to this Modern Rustic Retreat

When you think of a rustic weekend home, you generally do not imagine it to be something as spectacular and unique as the LS House that sits on a lush green lot 180 kms away from Mexico City. This captivating escape designed Luciano Gerbilsky / RED Group is a brilliant blend of the old and the new with rustic touches finding a beautiful contemporary expression. Slanting roof forms and stone wall made from dark, locally sourced volcanic rock are the most distinct features of this spacious home even from a distance. A series of roofs and volumes creates an interesting blend of spaces where the upper levels contain the master bedroom and additional bedrooms and the lowest floor holds the living area, kitchen and the dining space.

Stone walls and slanting roofs shape amazing LS House in Mexico

The social zones on the ground floor are seamlessly extended outdoors with an outdoor dining area, lounge, pool and Jacuzzi adding to the air of opulence inside. Every little detail has been carefully curated with custom wooden décor and prints that showcase vernacular Mexican deign stealing the spotlight. Beyond the living area, the bathrooms capture the most attention with custom copper bathtubs, antique furniture and a splash of greenery creating a distinct style.

Finding the right decor for the spacious modern rustic Mexican retreat
Innovative coffee table also brings awesome fireplace to the living room
Modern rustic living area of the house complete with opulent decor
Spacious dining area and kitchen of the Mexican weekend home
Curvy staircase along with the water feature creates a stunning entry space
Entrance of the house with traditional Mexican design touches and dark stone walls

The real masterpiece in here though is the seven-meter high glass with a water mirror that converts into a water fall which passes below the main entrance. A curving staircase above it along with ample greenery turns the entire area into a visual delight! With photovoltaic panels to heat the house and the Jacuzzi, rainwater harvesting system and a graywater recycling system along with construction principles that reduced carbon footprint this Mexican residence is green in more ways than one!

Copper bathtub along with glass walls and greenery adds uniqueness to the bathroom
Custom mirror frame and vanity inside the rustic bathroom
View of the water feature and garden outside the house from top of the stairway
Slanting roof forms and stone wall made from dark, locally sourced volcanic rock for the Mexican Weekend home
Outdoor hangout, pool area and garden around the LS House in Mexico

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