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Extending into the Garden: Modern Rio Home Brings Outdoors Inside

A look at the many homes designed recently across the globe instantly showcases how homeowners are increasingly starting to make the outdoors as important as the interior. A trend that was lost in the 90’s is once again making a comeback with the garden becoming an essential part of the overall narrative of the interior as well. The Bolivar House designed by ARKITITO Arquitetura follows this ‘green trend’ with a gorgeous rear garden, pool and hangout area that steal the spotlight and do so even while you sit in the living space!

Open plan living area, kitchen and dining space of the house with pops of blue and yellow

Nestled in Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood of Rio in Brazil, the house looks like most other polished contemporary residences on the outside. Its street façade is private with only large glass windows and walls breaking the monotony. A small, green pathway leads to the house where the lower level contains the living area, kitchen and dining space and the upper level contains the bedrooms, bathrooms and guest spaces. The living area seems to flow not just into the kitchen but also outside as the deck, outdoor kitchen and dining space and the pool area become a part of the interior in a seamless fashion.

Stylish and space-savvy living area with a large blue couch and wooden shelf that acts as a room divider
View of the kitchen and the living area connected with the garden and pool section
Colorful walls, greenery and a lovely pool shape the rear garden of the house
Gorgeous kitchen in white and green with wooden floor, yellow countertops and sliding glass doors
High walls for the garden give the homeowners ample privacy
Metallic staircase in bright red brings color and contrast to the modern interior

Sliding glass doors connect the livings pace and kitchen with the deck and the garden. The boundaries are almost non-existent at times and it is the landscape outside that adds color to the home. A large blue couch in the living room and yellow countertops in the gray and white kitchen accentuate this vibrant appeal even as the rest of the home remains as neutral as possible. Red metallic stairs provide another striking focal point in a space where life feels relaxed and rejuvenating. [Photography: Evelyn Muller]

Modern bathroom in white with a simple vanity
Modern facade of the Rio Residence with large glass windows
Outdoor covered dining area of the Brazilian home is connected with the living area
Relaxing hammock in the corner next to the pool offers a serene and private refuge
Spacious modern house in Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood of Rio with a large garden

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