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30 Fresh and Modern Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spice up a backyard and create a fantastic space for entertaining guests or hosting family celebrations! You don’t have to be (or have) a professional chef to enjoy an outdoor kitchen setting – the love of food and modern decor will be enough! The kitchen is quickly becoming the center of social gatherings, so it seems natural that we bring it outside! If you look through our selection of 30 outdoor kitchens you will see there are many ways to style them, but the main focus is to keep it fresh and contemporary!

Sophisticated Neutral Style

The combination of white and gray is one that represents elegance and gives the outdoor kitchen a refined look. The balance between bright and matte color hues makes a perfect setting for casual gatherings as well as more formal celebrations!

Empty space is just space that hasn’t been decorated yet! Make the best of the area under the stairs and turn it into a mini kitchen that will impress with a cultivated style and an open, breezy ambiance!

If you really love entertaining and catering to your guests, a full-sized outdoor kitchen with an abundance of counter space is destined for your home! The wooden cabinets match the natural surroundings, but the light neutral counter makes sure the kitchen feels contemporary.

A dark kitchen has a calm and mature energy, with a lot of potential to be incredibly romantic. It’s almost fascinating to see how incredibly well the black and gray color palette pairs with the outdoor greenery!

For a home in the city or in the suburbs, an urban outdoor kitchen is a fantastic idea! The use of stainless steel in your kitchen creates a professional look and provides you with all the necessary appliances you need when cooking outside on warm afternoons – not to mention the conveniency of being easy to clean! It’s truly a rewarding material to use and its industrial style is a classic choice that you can always count on to bring great results!

If your home is located in an area with an occasional (or regular) downpour, a covered outdoor kitchen is the smartest option! It provides you with an ability to enjoy a social meal in a modern setting no matter the weather!

A marble counter is truly an exceptional choice for a backyard that needs a touch of enrichment! When marble’s luxurious and wealthy implication combines itself with the steel elements, you get an enviable outdoor piece!

Pair the stainless steel with a dark counter for a kitchen that channels a sophisticated ambiance. The glow of the steel optically opens up the space and gives you plenty of shiny surface to work with!

An outdoor kitchen can also feel like an outdoor living room if you add a comfortable sofa and a coffee table to it! You’ll create a cozy lounge corner made perfect by the little fireplace and plenty of drinks on hand!

The Latest Trends

The half-open kitchens are a lovely compromise if you don’t want to invest in a second kitchen but still want an outdoor culinary experience. A kitchen like that will serve you all year round and regardless of the weather conditions. If it gets too cold you can close it up and as soon as the climate gets warmer, open it back up! The natural element of wood will create an elegant interior that feels very organic and mimics the outdoors, but you can also go for the classy silver look and embrace its soft shimmer!

The cream color palette is ideal for a beautiful outdoor kitchen that illustrates the beauty of minimalism with an elegant and low-key setting.

To make a beige kitchen more diverse and appealing, make sure the sitting area is contrasting the rest of the decor. A unique combination of wood and stainless steel is a great choice to cool down the warm creamy colors!

Even a smaller kitchen can have its charm when it’s given the proper decor to relish in! A marvelous stone kitchen is an irresistible piece for homeowners who wish to keep their outdoors as natural as possible. The texture of a stone is a versatile element that will make your kitchen station a true timeless treat!

Various combinations of stone and tiles create a very balanced outdoor kitchen that will be such a pleasant place for a social hangout, due to its dynamic style and harmonious appearance!

You can skip the neutral colors altogether and find your happiness with a vibrantly colored rooftop kitchen that is a homage to warm and cheerful colors! The trendy style will appeal to younger guests and those who swear by upbeat decor!

This kitchen has a polished and cultured look, bringing a clear contrast to the lively greenery surrounding it, acting as a steady, soothing and peaceful element in your backyard.

Mixed and Blended

A stone countertop is surely a very raw and industrial component in any outdoor kitchen, giving the whole setting a remarkably strong and cold look! The beauty of using stone is that it can easily fit with any other material and color, so you can retain the decorative freedom and always count on having an interesting element to be the focal point.

When you have a covered outdoor kitchen, don’t forget about decorating the ceiling! Polished red wood is a stunning and conspicuous choice that combines the dining area with the cozy sitting area and binds them together with a mutual feeling of warmth.

Mix of rustic and modern is a breathtaking finding that blends together the best of both decorative styles. While they may seem like complete opposite at first, when finally put together, they have the power to create an otherworldly setting – just like this incredible outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be full-sized in order to be a great hangout place! When it’s set up in a style of a typical bar it immediately draws people to itself, so make sure you have cute bar stools to go along with it!

A special place in your garden dedicated specifically to the kitchen area along with a comfortable lounge area next to a stone fireplace is every homeowners dream! Don’t be afraid to combine different decor styles – from raw stone, to dark wood and elegant white chairs, the blend looks marvelous!

A white outdoor kitchen is ideal for places where the sun shines most of the year and can reflect itself on the white surface! It’s a great addition to any pool area or just as a simple entertainment nook where best of summer cocktails are served! The simplistic decor is an open invitation to other elements as well, such as yellow lights or neutral kitchen appliances!

Even when surrounded by a very bright and noticeable sitting area, this outdoor kitchen retains a strong look that’s rooted in the natural texture of raw stone but softened by a gentle beige color.

Sometimes a kitchen has a very mild color palette and doesn’t feel too eye-catching, but it’s the functionality of the space that counts. This outdoor kitchen has a long bar that can accommodate several people and give you plenty of space to reach everybody while having a fully functioning grill at arm’s length!

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