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Exposed Brick and Natural Greenery Bring Freshness to this Chinese Office

Contemporary offices have come a long way from boring cubicles of the past and a never-ending sea of gray and beige. Today’s offices are all about combining work, relaxation and an inviting environment with a touch of creativity and uniqueness. Every office space wants a personality of its own; one that reflects the ethos of the firm it holds. Bloom Design Studio in Shenzhen, China follows this path with an interior that is largely clad in white and filled with plenty of natural light. Indoor plants and exposed brick wall sections usher in the necessary warmth and contrast even as the beautifully lit company logo welcomes clients and employees.

Large indoor plants, a world of white and natural light create a lovely office

It is a series of large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows along with lovely oak frames and delicate white drapes that delineate space inside the office. Drapes can be used to create a more private work environment when needed with smart ambient lighting adding to the natural ventilation indoors. The white interior seems polished, serene, casual thanks to the exposed brick walls in different parts of the office and natural. Indoor plants have been used carefully throughout the modern office for freshness and a sense of balance.

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Relaxing modern office in white in Shenzhen, China
Relaxing tea room with wooden decor and drapes in white
Tall white drapes act as room dividers when needed
Curated office in white with large glass partitions and indoor greenery
Exposed brick wall idea for the contemporary office
Entrance to Bloom Design Studio in Shenzhen, China
Logo of Bloom Design Studio shines bright against the brick wall backdrop

The tea room with its relaxing wooden décor, nifty storage units and smart seating next to the windows put the final touches on an office that is calming and yet cheerful in its own special way. [Photography: Nie Xiaocong]

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Indoor plant decorating idea for the modern office
Office of Bloom Design in Shenzhen, China
Planter stands on wheels make redecorating a whole lot easier
Red brick wall offers visual and textural contrast to an interior in white
Exposed duct pipes inside the office give it a slight industrial

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