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Lakeside Sky House with Reflective Metal Roof and a Cantilevered Volume

When it comes to lakeside homes, it is often the dramatic along with unabated views that end up becoming the norm. But the Sky House in Douro-Dummer, Canada moves away from this trend as its lower, private level completely disappears into the backdrop while the upper level steals the spotlight with its standing seam metal roof and wooden cladding. The combination not only offers a wonderful blend of privacy and a breezy indoor-outdoor interplay, it also helps with passive heating and cooling while creating a gorgeous cantilevered structure. Designed by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster, a fabulous little bridge connects the floating upper level with the landscape!

White and blue open plan living space of the lakeside home

It is the more open upper volume that contains the living area, kitchen, dining room and study. Draped completely in white, it is blue lighting fixtures and décor that usher color to this otherwise pristine space. A guest bedroom also sits on this level while the lower level bar provides a wonderful terrace which connects with the scenery outside. With the bedrooms snugly hidden below and skylights bringing in a flood of natural light, life at this lakeside holiday house feels like an absolute breeze! [Photography: Doublespace Photography]

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Different shades of blue combine with a white backdrop inside the living area
Lower level of the house seems to blend into the landscape effortlessly
Metallic roof and wooden exterior of lakeside home in Canada
Unique metallic roof and wooden exterior of the Canadian home
Cantilevered top level of the home connected with the landscape outside
Cantilevered upper level offers a natural shelter to those below

The factory-inspired skylights are rotated to admit north light without heat gain while orienting the solar panels due south so the house can generate all of its own power. The combination of vertical skylights and a fully glazed south-facing facade result in a generously daylit interior. A covered walkway shades the main wall of glass from summer sun while admitting lower winter sun

Simple and minimal coat hanger system in the hallway
Skylights usher in plenty of natural light
Wooden walls provide warmth to the home
Bright yellow walls bring lively elegance to the interior
Large glass doors connect the bedroom with a view of the lake outside

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