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The Glade: Eco-Sensitive and Sustainable Home Wrapped in a Green Cloak

Turning a densely vegetated lot into a setting that holds a lovely modern home is a tricky task that requires balance between eco-sensitive design and smart usage of space. Located in an urban lot that is still filled with greenery in St Peter Port, Guernsey, The Glade is a contemporary residence that has been carefully sunk into the lot without disturbing the existing topography in a drastic manner. A DLM Architects design, the house does all it can to leave the already present and extensive root system on the lot as undisturbed as possible. Working around the environmental contains and maximizing solar gain along with natural light, the house is a masterpiece in eco-friendly architecture.

Sustainable and eco-sensitive contemporary home in St Peter Port, Guernsey

Locally sourced natural stone, reclaimed brick, limestone and bespoke steel elements combine to give the home a unique and exceptional appeal. The top level draped in wood and large glass doors, sliding windows and walls create even greater textural contrast with a neutral color palette and warm lighting shaping an inviting setting. The dark island in the kitchen, beautiful LED strip lighting and the many layers of greenery around the house put the final touches on a building that is mindful of the space it sits in!

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Design of the house carefully tiptoes around the root protection areas
Design of The Glade sinks the building into the landscape
Gabled roof of the home with unique exterior
Light-filled kitchen with a dark central island
View of the dining area with natural edge table and copper pendants from above
Sliding glass doors create an easy indoor-outdoor interplay

A natural and contrasting pallet has been selected throughout, locally reclaimed brick washed with lime slurry, raw pigment plasters over grey limestone floors, machined brass ironmongery against washed oak joinery, a bespoke raw steel staircase and furnishings. It reflects the character of the overall site; surrounded by high granite walls with mature vegetation above.

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Natural sourced materials shape the new home on green lot
Simple and modern staircase design focuses on efficiency
Bedroom of the British home flooded with natural light
Floor to ceiling glass windows and walls brin in ample natural light
Modern bathroom of the home with neutral color palette
Ground and first floor plans of contemporary home in St Peter Port, Guernsey

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