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Modern Japanese Café with a Cozy Residence Above Makes a Woodsy Impression

Most modern homes and commercial enterprises occupy different space and often entirely different neighborhoods. Many of us are just not comfortable with living above a commercial outlet. Some feel it is an infringement on their privacy while others detest the constant rush. But the owner of this Japanese café takes an entirely different approach to life as his personal residence sits on the two floors above the lovely café on the street level. The IDUMI Cafe + Residence was designed by Tenhachi Architect & Interior Design and it sits in a busy neighborhood of Tokyo and welcomes guests with its understated class.

Simple logo of the cafe is all you find on the street facade greeting guests!

The modest coffee outlet and hangout has a street façade that is unlike most other cafes and you just find the minimal logo of the store outside welcoming you. On the inside, one sees an overload of wood and modern minimal aesthetics that are innate to traditional Japanese design. The wooden beams coupled with sporadic use of indoor plants creates a cozy and intimate setting that ensures guests can escape the rush of Tokyo and enjoy a few quiet and tranquil moments with friends and family. An overload of natural light and fine wooden décor complete the café below.

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Sparkling and simple lighting for the interior makes a big impact against the woodsy backdrop
Fabulous use of lovely wood structure inside the cafe adds warmth and nativity to the setting
Decor and other additions in wood add to the uniqueness of the cafe
View from outside of the cafe shaped in wood and terrazzo
Cafe and modern Japanese home rolled into one across multiple levels

The two levels above hold a multi-generational home with three different living areas that are adaptable and can be used in more ways than one. Handmade lamps, terrazzo finishes and brass touches add textural charm to a café and home that blends tradition with modernity in a seamless fashion. [Photography: Kenya Chiba]

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Cafe and home rolled into one in Japan
A neutral backdrop allows the wooden furniture and features to shine through
Wooden stools inside the cafe add to its minimal Japanese style
Logo of IDUMI Cafe + Residence in Japan
First level floor plan of the IDUMI Cafe + Residence
Floor plan of the cafe level
Second level floor plan with bedrooms and private spaces

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