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LaHO: Breezy Israeli Home Inspired by the Design of a Lifeguard Tower

Inspiration is often found in the unlikeliest of sources. It is barely a surprise then that it was the form and feel of a lifeguard tower that inspired the homeowners of this modern family residence in Hofit, Israel when chalking up the images of their dream dwelling. The design and realization of this breezy, yet unique structure was left to the inventive people at Brahma-Architects, who definitely produced results that left everyone excited and engrossed. Reclaimed wood planks play a major role in shaping the ambiance of the LaHO, giving both the exterior and the interior a quirky, relaxing aura.

Unique modern family house in Hofit, Israel

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Since the image of a lifeguard tower was the source of inspiration, materials used inside this Israeli home were kept as natural as possible. A concrete floor and ceiling act as two parallel planes that contain the white stucco walls, presenting an image of simplicity and cheerfulness. There is no shortage of natural light here with the large, framed windows also ushering in the view on offer! The open living area contains the kitchen and dining and flows onto the deck outside.

Smart home in Israel with colorful reclaimed wood planks

Reclaimed wooden planks shape a gorgeous patio and outdoor hangout

Reclaimed wood gives the smart home a unique facade

Long corridors connect the different rooms of the house and create light-filled spaces

Exceptional bookcase crafted from reclaimed wood

Living room connected with the deck outside

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Colorful wooden boards bring vivaciousness to every room while the furniture combines a beachy, modern vibe with industrial practicality to shape a living atmosphere that values form over function. Custom bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, a gorgeous home office and study, vibrant kids’ bedrooms and a master suite complete this one-of-a-kind house. [Photography: Sharon Tzarfati]

Exposed concrete floor and ceiling of the breezy family home in Hofit, Israel

Colorful wooden cabinets in the kitchen bring cheerful allure

Home studio with color reclaimed wood wall

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Modern industrial studio with large window and reclaimed wood walls

Old sewing machine turned into custom bathroom vanity

Floor plan of relaxing modern home in Israel

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