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Space and Style Find Modern Industrial Expression Inside this Fab Sao Paulo Apartment

Love modern-industrial style interiors? You are definitely not alone with the style quickly becoming the single most consistently popular decorating style with homeowners over the last few years. It brings something unique to a space and gives it a lovely blend of the past and the present while placing functionality ahead of form. Designed by David Ito Arquitetura, the VCH Apartment in Sao Paulo is one such brilliant home where contemporary finishes are coupled with industrial materials and pleasing design in an effortless manner. The modest Brazilian apartment welcomes you with white painted brick walls, exposed concrete ceiling and captivating wooden floors – a mixture of textures that is replicated in every room.

Luxurious couch in gray with modular design sits at the heart of the trendy modern living room of Sao Paulo home

A spacious and light-filled modern living room sits at the heart of the apartment with a balcony on one side and kitchen and dining area on the other. White subway-tiled backdrop of the space-savvy kitchen ensures that it feels like an extension of the living area while a stylish dining table in wood and black, sleek pendant light and modern buffet fashion the inviting dining room. Books, modern art on the walls and indoor plants bring color to this largely white and wood setting.

Modern industrial apartment in Sao Paulo with painted brick walls and exposed concrete ceiling
Select wall art pieces add color to the neutral interior in white, wood and gray
Sleek floating nightstand in black for the modern bedroom with limited space
Slim and stylish buffet in the modern dining room also serves as a dashing display
Small contemporary bedroom in white and wood with just a hint of pastel blue and pink
Space-savvy modern kitchen and dining room of the VCH Apartment in Sao Paulo
Turn a single wall in the bedroom into a smart home workspace with beautiful lighting

This white and wood theme is continued in the bedrooms as well with pops of light pink and pastel blue being added to the mix. A bespoke wooden desk turns a corner of the bedroom into home workspace while daring art prints and photographs put the final touches on this eye-catching and relaxing Sao Paulo apartment. [Photography: Maíra Acayaba]

White subway tiled backdrop of the kitchen allows it to blend in with the white painted brick walls of the apartment
Wooden floor is combined with rugged concrete ceiling and white painted brick walls inside the apartment
Bespoke concrete vanity and lovely pendant for the industrial-modern bathroom
Bespoke concrete vanity and lovely pendant for the industrial-modern bathroom
Contemporary dining table and chairs in wood and black along with a sleek pendant create a fab dining space
Floor plan of VCH Apartment in Sao Paulo
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