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Exposed Concrete coupled with Polished White Modernity Inside this Brazilian Home

Concrete has a certain raw, charismatic charm that is just undeniable and capturing this appeal and translating it into modern context inside the fabulous Marchi Apartment designed by Rodrigo Bocater in Rio de Janeiro. The apartment was originally built in the 1960’s and finds a new avatar with a smart renovation that revamps the floor plan, opens it up to the views on offer and creates a more functional setting. With smart lagoon views on offer from the living area, the interior feels much more spacious, elegant and polished thanks to the contemporary white finishes that have been combined with raw concrete.

White walls add a sense of light-filled modernity to the living room interior

The original apartment contained three bedrooms along with a large utility area and living room that felt cramped. In its revamped version, the apartment is far comfier and the utility area has been cut down to create a more spacious living space. The kitchen in white is filled with natural light coming in from the living space as the family zone and dining room sit right next to it. One of the three older bedrooms has been done away with and that spaces has been utilized to extend the living area. [Photography: Luiza Schreier]

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Decorating the interior of renovated contemporary apartment in a relaxed shabby-chic style
Dining table with woodsy charm inside the apartment
Natural light illuminates the rugged concrete living space of the apartment
Revamping the floor plan of the house gives it a more spacious look
Vintage trunk turned into coffee table inside the modern Marchi Apartment
White finishes in the kitchen along with countertops that match it beautifully

That core becomes the apartment’s main bench, which centralizes and at the same time organizes social activities. The wooden flooring complements the concrete structure as the only expressive materials in the project emphasizing the desire to receive as much light as possible so the walls surfaces and metal bookshelves painted in white, are washed by external light.

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White modern shelf with smart decorative pieces and books along with indoor plants used to decorate the living room
Blend of concrete and white modern finishes in the revamped Brazilian apartment
Combining modernity with industrial finishes in the smart, renovated Brazilian apartment
Concrete and wood living area of the modern Brazilian apartment with white shelves
Creating a smart and functional kitchen in limited space with white and concrete finishes

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