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Modern Spaces with Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors. Before you gasp and assume we’re talking about outdated spaces that are in desperate need of a remodel, take a deep breath. As it turns out, mirrored closets are back in style. Perhaps they never went away… A new batch of designs gives these features a clean, fresh look that channels the modern and the elegant. And if the mirrors end up looking a bit retro, is that really a bad thing?

Today we round up 12 stylish spaces that feature mirrored closet doors, proving that sometimes a little reflection is actually an asset! In fact, not only do mirrors add the illusion of space, they reflect the sunlight and create a sense of depth in a room, which can be ideal for more compact interiors. Not to mention, they can celebrate the grandeur of a large space, channeling a decadent vibe that adds a sense of fun and majesty to your home. Read on and check out the mirrored images that follow…

Hallways and Entryways with Mirrored Closet Doors

As you scan through the images that follow, don’t forget to note the style evoked by each set of mirrored closet doors. For example, in the hallway below, we see how mirrored doors create an undeniably clean-lined modern look. The secret: the doors are not bordered by heavy metallic trim. It’s all about the mirrored glass! [from Carver + Schicketanz]

Mirrored closet doors with contemporary flair

In the next featured space, we see a look of sheer sophistication. A tiled floor, chandelier-style lighting and other architectural elements contribute to the glamorous feel, and the mirrors add chic reflective shine. [from E.N.D. Designs Inc.]

Mirrored doors in the hallway

We see another clean-lined closet solution in the image below, this time in a compact entryway than definitely benefits from the illusion of space created by mirrored doors. Not a lot of room? No problem, especially when reflection can create a roomy feel! [from Milestone Homes]

Mirrored closet doors add depth in an entryway

Mirrored Closet Doors in the Bedroom

Speaking of space-enhancing qualities, we couldn’t resist profiling the helpful use of mirrored closet doors in the bedroom, where a sense of roominess creates an overall tranquil feel. This can be especially important in compact spaces like the one below. Note how a series of six mirrored doors visually enlarges this modern room. [from Susan Diana Harris Interior Design]

Mirrored closet doors in a compact bedroom

Clean is the word–it’s hard to deny the clean, modern look of simple closet doors, like these selections from IKEA. Note how they reflect the warm, modern accents of the bedroom below, from the comfy bedding to an angled wooden ceiling. [from Flying Dormer Home Remodel & Additions]

The clean look of mirrored closet doors

Then again, mirrored closets can also convey a sense of large-scale grandeur! In the next featured image, we see a glamorous 3D rendering from Vicki Bergelt Interior Design, LLC. Note how the tall reflective panels capture the modern-meets-elegant essence of the room!

Grand mirrored closet doors in a modern bedroom

Who says a mirrored closet can’t create an industrial vibe in the bedroom? The space below proves that brushed metal edging and a nearby brick wall can combine to evoke a modern feel that is upscale and a bit “factory chic.” Contemporary lighting and side tables help cement this edgy contemporary look.  [from Matt Harrer Photgraphy via Houzz

Mirrored closets in a modern industrial bedroom

…And when the mirrored closet doors lead into another closet, the result is wonderfully expansive. From the look of the bedroom reflected in the glass, this is a space with a view. It makes sense to maximize that view with a reflective wall of mirrors that can keep the cityscape alive across the room! [from Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens]

Modern mirrored closet doors

Bathrooms Featuring Mirrored Closet Doors

Why put mirrored closet doors in the bathroom? Because they create a strong sense of spaciousness, they reflect the light, and they often enhance the shine of other typical powder room surfaces, such as tile. When a mirrored closet door combines with marble and floral wallpaper, the result is elegant and even charming, as shown below. [from Leland Interiors]

One mirrored closet door in a floral bathroom

There’s nothing more modern than a mirrored hallway in the bathroom, especially when crisp whites and cool metallic tones are involved. Simple, pure, and bright–the perfect mood for a room that should inspire you to rejuvenate and refresh. [from DRAW Architecture via Houzz]

Bathroom with mirrored closets

Mirrored Closet Doors in the Closet!

It looks like we’ve come full circle, folks! Yes, sometimes within a closet you have another series of closet doors. And mirrored ones at that! Because when your closet is as big as your living room, what’s the harm in a little excess, right?! Below we see a sophisticated space from Abramson Teiger Architects. Loving the bright lights and the surrounding shine, aren’t you?!

Mirrored doors in a contemporary closet

We end with a glamorous space from Habachy Designs, complete with feathers, a tufted ottoman and a chandelier. When the design is this detailed, there’s no reason not to reflect it in the mirrored doors of a closet. And this closet seems to be from another time! One we would gladly travel back to…

Mirrored doors in an elegant closet

Would you install mirrored closet doors in your home? Better yet, if you moved into a space with mirrored closet doors, would you keep them? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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