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Modern Infusion: Elevated Wooden Deck Extends this Modest 60’s Home in Paris

Every home demands something unique when it comes to a home extension or makeover. Some undergo major alterations including a new front façade and extensive changes that more or less remove all originality. Others opt for a more sensitive and cost-effective rear extension that leaves a historic street façade and much of the original home untouched. The Neui House Extension designed by Benoit Rotteleur Architecte in the eastern suburbs of Paris takes the latter approach as this 35-square meter home that was originally built in the 1960’s finds new space and aesthetics thanks to a smart rear extension.

Modern Neui House Extension designed by Benoit Rotteleur Architecte in Paris

The interior of the original home was slightly altered to incorporate a wood and white color scheme that is the staple of the modern extension. With a box-styled silhouette that sits on an elevated wooden platform, the rear addition feels modern and elegant. The necessity of the floating wooden deck came from the neighborhood that is frequently prone to floods and the jetty-like design of the platform ensures that the extension is untouched on wet days. The wooden platform also creates a beautiful indoor-outdoor interplay with sliding glass doors turning the open section of it into an extension of the living area on pleasant summer days.

Smart modern extension to old home in eastern suburbs of Paris built in the 60’s
Elegant and modern box-style extension to traditional Paris home
Glass doors connect the new living room with the small, open deck outside and extend the interior on summer days
Jetty-styled elevated platform keeps the home safe from frequent floods

The novel addition contains an open living space, kitchen and dining area along with bathrooms with the original home holding the main bedroom, additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Light-filled, relaxing and contemporary, the addition completely alters the ambiance of this aging French home. [Photography: Antoine Séguin]

Unique design of the wooden platform keeps out flood waters at this Paris home
Box-styled rear extension of aging French home on an elevated wooden platform
Clever placement of windows to bring natural light into the modern living room
Contemporary minimal living space in wood and white with urbane decor
Sliding glass doors bring ample natural light into the white and wood interior of the home
Design plan of Neui House Extension in Paris

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