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Traditional Technique Meets Modern Minimalism at Veranda on a Roof

Great design and architecture come from understanding the world around us, responding to specific needs and allowing local traditions, culture and quirks to seep into a more generic, global style. This is precisely what one comes across at Veranda on a Roof in Pune, India. Designed by Studio Course, this stunningly beautiful and creative penthouse apartment sits on the 12th floor of a building and yet feels like a relaxing, natural oasis that takes you away from all the rush below. Crafted using local cement plastering techniques, wood, glass and brass, there is plenty of textural contrast and visual flair at its exceptional penthouse.

Exquisite duplex apartment on top of a 12 story building in Pune with an open veranda style

The concept of verandas has been around forever in the subcontinent, but with changing times and spatial needs, those large classic corridors that allow for smooth transition between the interior and the outdoors quickly disappeared. Veranda on a Roof reinvents the traditional design and turns a penthouse top level into the perfect ‘extended veranda’ capable of holding a fabulous home office, study space and an open pantry along with outdoor living space. The lines between the interior and the large terrace with a relaxing garden are blurred thanks to a series of framed glass doors and windows.

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A stylish floating staircase, a series of wooden bookshelves, minimal décor and an inherent industrial vibe shape the Veranda that is connected to the living area below. The rooftop escape allows the homeowners to find their own getaway that is just a few steps away from their living space even while taking in amazing city views along with evenings filled with serenity. [Photography: Hemant Patil]




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The veranda on the roof can not only overlook the exotic view of a race course but also be able to create a world within its own, where one can immerse and indulge in the pleasures of one’s seeking. Veranda on the Roof turns as a refuge, where the shifting contexts have created new meanings.




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