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Trendy Living Room Essentials: Space-Savvy TV Units with a Difference

The living room is a space that seems to change the most with changing trends, styles and even decorating fads. For more than three to four decades, the television set was the central focus of living rooms across the world. One still remembers Joey Tribbiani asking, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” But that seems to be changing as a trend in the digital age with most of us turning towards iPads and smartphones for entertainment.

Stylish BOXER TV Unit in white
Stylish BOXER TV Unit in white

Yet, for those who still want the entertainment unit / TV stand to be at the heart of the living room, here are two trendy options that you should definitely consider –

A Vanishing Act!

Sophisticated, sleek and cutting-edge in its edge-free design, SOHO from Ronda Design Lab is a space-conscious sideboard that also brings along with it a hidden compartment to hide away tour giant flat screen. The sideboard uses a patented electrical lifting system which removes the television from the living room setting with the mere press of a button. Accommodating a 42-inch TV with ease and equipped with a back-lit LED system, the three compartments of the sideboard offer ample storage space for all your electronic goodies, gadgets and accessories.

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Exquisite TV Unit with electrical lifting system
Hidden compartment with electrical lifting system for the TV Unit
Soho TV Unit from Ronda Design
Sleek sidetable from Ronda with hidden chamber for TV
Unique and trendy sideboard Soho with hidden TV compartment
Closer look at the Soho Tv Unit from Ronda Design

Complete Media Unit

Much like the SOHO, BOXER is a media unit that fits as easily in a casual office environment as it does in the modern living room. A trendy Paolo Cattelan design, this fabulous TV and media unit has a flowing form with a minimal, contemporary finish that relies on an embossed lacquered frame and a woodsy drawer unit. Uncomplicated and breezy, this smart unit can fit into even the smallest of living rooms with ease.

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Cool contemporary Tv Unit with graphite embossed lacquered frame
Simple and sleek TV Unit from Cattelan Italia
Closer look at the BOXER TV Unit
Gorgeous and space-savvy TV Unit from Cattelan Italia

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