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Seasonal Finds: Trendy Sofas and Sectionals that Captivate with Color

The sofa is much more than just another piece of furniture in your home. It sets the tone for the rest of your interior both in terms of style, décor choices and the general theme and color scheme that you use. If you happen to have an open plan living, then your sofa choice becomes even more crucial. We understand that many of our readers are not really interested in changing such a pivotal piece of the home decorating jigsaw all too often and that is why many stay away from a colorful couch. Instead a sofa in black and white or even gray is the preferred choice. But 2016 and the first half of 2017 seem to disagree with this!

Colorful sofas have become much more accepted in recent times with neutral interiors allowing a bright and colorful sofa to shine through visually. Since living room backgrounds are becoming ‘increasingly colorless’, the onus of bringing excitement and brightness to the space seems to fall on the furniture that you bring in. This is precisely where a brightly colored sofa comes in handy. From brilliant red to bold blue and sunny yellow, here is a look at the best and latest finds that we have unearthed for you. Enjoy the flamboyant feast –

Bold and Brilliant

We always love a collection of sofas in vivaciously different hues while talking about colorful couches and this section offers precisely that! Ravishing red seems a touch risky as a choice for your sofa, but get it right and you have a sophisticated, modern living room full of flair. The red sofa works well with white when it has a comfy, tufted design and blends in with hints of black to deliver a masculine vibe when draped in leather. It is the choice between the different materials that makes as much of an impact as the color itself.

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Bold red sofa with modern design and a matching tufted coffee table

There have been plenty of occasions when we have talked about the virtues of the couch in orange and a plush sofa in burnt orange feels even more hip. The gorgeous green sofa is admittedly not for everyone and finds space in eclectic and modern settings while the breezy blue couch adapts to pretty much any style you have going.

Modern decor from Harto combine classic lines with newage comfort
Bright orange sofa from Sancal
Comfy couch in bold green from Loyra Time

An Air of Luxury!

Just because you love a colorful couch does not mean you have to compromise on quality and comfort. Some of the best and latest sofas from the likes of Koinor and Max Divani epitomize this fact. Be it beautiful peach combined with white or an ultra-luxurious sofa in yellow, the couch that you choose can be combined with a set of equally exciting club chairs to create an even more inviting and elegant living space. Throw in a peppy coffee table and complete the space with cleverly placed recessed lighting and you have a dream living room!

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Exquisite sofa in peach from Max Divani is an absolute showstopper
Stunning leather sectional with modular ease from Koinor
Ultra-comfy sofa from Gruppo Doimo with a hint of orange zest

Adaptable Modern Sectionals

Modular décor makes your life a whole lot easier and with sectionals, you have a chance to expand the living room seating with growing needs over time. Even the tiniest living rooms seem a lot more spacious when you replace the couch at the heart of the room with a sectional that is neatly tucked away in the corner. With many modern sectionals giving you an option to redecorate the room by simply moving the individual pieces of the larger sofa, it is ultra-easy to fashion a versatile living space.

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Modular section combines different colors to create a unique decor addition
Modern section in bright purple from Rosenthal Interieur
Subtle addition of color using the sofa adds to the appeal of the neutral living room

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